Review: Green Arrow #43

Green Arrow #43 CoverGreen Arrow is imprisoned by Mr. Zimm! Despite Oliver’s effort to raise Emi as a safe normal kid, she has no choice but to gear up and take to the streets. How can she possibly save Arrow and the citizens of Seattle from the Zimm’s army of Panopticons bots?!

Green Arrow #43 wraps up the story arc that has Green Arrow fighting Mr. Zimm and robots that look like they’re out of War of the Worlds. Written by Benjamin Percy, these last few issues show a bit more social conscious awareness than the series has in quite some time, slowly harkening back to the very liberal Green Arrow of old.

The issue is entertaining as far as action, especially seeing Emi step up, and where things progress, but overall this arc feels more like a restart to get the series in a new direction. This issue is a bit rushed, and some of the more interesting aspects, like when Zimm admits he’s a supremacist and also was causing crime to fund himself (not really spoilers) or the folks of Seattle start wearing hoodies, aren’t explored deep enough. And at least one interesting bad guy was dispatched was a bit too quick.

There was some potential for a cool clash of ideologies, but how the comic ends feels a bit definitive, though the ending reminds me a lot of how Bond villains are often defeated. There was something rather entertaining about it. The story though could have been helped by another issue to flesh some of the more interesting aspects out. It’s possible some of it, like Emi stepping up or the citizens of Seattle being a bit more active, will be tackled. It feels like there’s lots of potential here.

The art by Patrick Zircher is solid. I like the darker look and rough style. I’m not sure how to exactly describe it, but it reminds me of cleaner Jae Lee art. It fit the tone of the arc quite well, especially the Panopticon bots which look awesome in this style, and might have looked goofy in another.

Potential, that’s what I walk away thinking after reading this, the final issue of the story arc. Green Arrow is starting to hit the social queues that I’ve enjoyed about the character in the past, but hasn’t dived too deep… yet. We’ll see where it goes, but we might be seeing the start of a good balance between the Arrow of today and Green Arrow of yesterday.

Story: Benjamin Percy Art: Patrick Zircher
Story: 7 Art: 7 Overall: 7 Recommendation: Read

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