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Review: This Damned Band #1

This Damned Band #11974: the world’s most famous rock band thought they were “worshiping Satan,” only to find they were actually . . . worshiping Satan.

From Paul Cornell and Tony Parker comes a darkly hilarious adventure of black magic and classic rock! This Damned Band is a hilarious documentary-style thrill ride of black magic and rock music!

Rock ‘n’ roll, has always seemed to have a slight bond to mysticism and the occult. That may have been added in the flower power movement of the 60’s. This books plays on that idea, using the big rock bands of the 70’s. You can see that some of that bands members appearances were based real people. Especially the lead singer. He looks a lot like old pictures of Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin. Even their drummer looks a little bit like John Bonham.

If the story was set anywhere else, I find it doubtful it would work. The are blends wonderfully with the slight psychedelic elements of the story. In contrast there is a realism that exists outside in heavy contrast to the world. Basically it is what rock ‘n’ roll is stereotyped to be about. Music, sex, and drugs.

I would recommend this for people who are fans of quasi-realism. Mixing that with a humorous Spinal Tap documentary style for music, makes this amusing as well intelligently written.

Story: Paul Cornell Art:Tony Parker Cover Art:Tony Parker and Lovern Kindzierski
Story: 8.5 Art:9.0 Overall: 8.75 Recommendation: Read

Dark Horse provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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