Review: Hellboy in Hell #7

HELLBOY IN HELL issue 7 cover“How much worse can it get?”

Now I have been a big fan of Mike Mignola since the days he was doing covers for Batman in the late 1980’s, (most notably Batman: Death in the Family are extremely iconic) and I’ve seen a lot in comics but this was definitely something new.

Hellboy has always been a very cool character to me. He represents the superhero and supernatural in one kick ass package. I’ve enjoyed his adventures with the BPRD and read many of his stories. So when I heard about a series that was all about Hellboy in Hell, I was like brother sign me up! The concept of Hell is nothing new to comics. Spawn (By Image Comics) is all about an avenger from Hell, that tries to redeem himself for his family. Even Apokolips in DC Comics is supposed to be the embodiment of Hell that the Justice League battles, and Mephisto in Marvel Comics is self explanatory. With that being said, this was not what I expected.

The title character Hellboy has died and is guess where? Well yes and no, because the underworld in this case looks dangerously a lot like Old Victorian England. In fact it is England. Only it looks like it hasn’t been exposed to Technicolor yet. Red (As Hellboy is referred to often) is wasting away from a disease ravaging his already dead body. (what?) Not a lot goes on, other than two “doctors” befriend him and help navigate him through his ailment. Red is trying to figure out why he is even having this issue? (You and me both dude) They go into a very lengthy explanation about the Tree of Life and how him dying has left it weak. However he can restore it. Lots of symbolism was presented that isn’t lost on me but it just didn’t grab or interest me at all. Lots and lots of talk and really nothing else.

There was one point where Red drank an elixir that gave him back his old fiery complexion but left him still very gaunt and not imposing at all. He even struck a match and lit his trademark cigar, and that I mean nothing happened. There is a cliffhanger at the end but with the whole book pacing and uninteresting story, it did nothing for me.

Overall: Wow. I expected so much more from a creator that I truly like. I enjoy the character of Hellboy a lot but this wasn’t the outing. I hope they restore him to the land of the living with the rest of the BPRD soon because reading this book was torturous. Strike a match, clear the air and onto the next one please. Maybe Red, will get his Samaritan back or a surprise visit from Abe Sapien but I don’t know if I’ll be back. My apologies to you Mr. Mignola but this was just missing for me. At least I have your classics.

Story: Mike Mignola Art: Mike Mignola
Story: 3 Art: 7 Overall: 4 Recommendation: Pass

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  • I can’t wait to read this. i prefer that the characters grow, die and evolve in the mignolaverse. keeping things the same would be boring like Marvel and DC constantly rebooting and bringing characters back. i enjoy not knowing where this is all going but am real excited about it.

    • It’s something I enjoy about it too. It’s also interesting in that a miniseries that came out a year ago might have relevance today. They tie in everything really well together.

    • I agree in character evolution absolutely. This just felt bland to me. I was looking for more. Thank you for your thoughts though!