Review: Grayson #10

GRAY_Cv10_ds_55ad2c6ecbadc8_02661129“Bird without a net”

We open up where last issue left off, at the museum during the aftermath of the daring heist on the Duchess.  Our hero Dick Grayson Super Secret Agent Spy (or Agent 37 to you cool kids) is currently making his exit stage left with a smile and witty quips in tow.

While making his escape he is talking to his Director (the lovely former Huntress: Helena Bertanelli) as she informs him that someone is killing fellow agents and making it look like he’s the one doing it. Naturally Dick knows this isn’t true so he sets off to clear his good name.

Meanwhile back at the scene of the crime, Agent 1 is clearing the cobwebs having just been knocked for a loop by his fellow cohort and is not happy. Before he can collect his thoughts he has a brawl with museum security (seriously?) and dispatches them very swiftly. He thinks to himself that Dick has had it easy under the tutillage of “some billionaire”. (We all know who that is, and it ain’t Donald Trump) Short story even shorter, he vows vengeance. He contacts Director Bertanelli and asks for permission to eliminate Dick, with extreme prejudice. She does not comply with his wish, and he accuses her being too “involved” with this agent. (Quick way to get your butt stuck on latrine duty, fella.) She tells Agent 1 that she will be handling Dick personally.

Grayson10_2(You’ve got to love that splash page, this team really gets Dick Grayson!)

We then switch gears to a remote bistro, where Dick is enjoying a nice latte and he receives the company of the most unexpected guest: The man who “murdered” him (back in Forever Evil #6) Lex Luthor.

Lex rocks Mr. Grayson’s world by telling him that not only did he know he was still alive, but it’s his company’s technology that SPYRAL has been using on all his missions. He then tells Dick to hand over the Kryptonite that was procured from the neck of the Duchess. Dick laughs and refuses, saying he will not hand over such a dangerous substance to a Super Villain. Lex enlightens him that the world at large no longer considers him as such. He is now a card-carrying member of the Justice League of America! He also informs Dick that he knows Bruce’s secret and that Batman is gone.

Dick still refuses and after a few “Mr. Clean” jokes tries to leave when Luthor drops another bombshell. The hypnosis training that Dick received becoming Agent 37, is his to control. He makes a rather crude demonstration by making Dick attempt to grab the derriere of the barista walking by. Knowing that sexual lawsuits are bad mojo for Super Secret Agents he does the only sensible thing, and splashes hot coffee in Luthor’s face and jumps off the cliff!

lexLex then states he killed him once, he can do it again. Dick hops in his ultra cool spy plane and has a quick duel with Lex’s attack drones and escapes. He realizes at this point that even though he hates it, there is some truth to what Lex said. At this point he attempts to reach out to Bruce one more time and fails. He sets course for Rome for answers.

Overall: The remainder of the issue is a conversation between Helena and Agent 1 and we leave off again on a cliffhanger that makes you want to come back next month. I am really digging this series and it feels like I’m watching a TV show in its sophomore season. I love the art, the story is strong and having the long-awaited confrontation between Dick and Lex was fantastic. As I read that scene I envisioned Michael Rosenbaum’s performance as Lex from Smallville TV show. (The best live action version of the character, until you prove me wrong Jesse) This issue was another great “episode” for me, but it went by far too quickly. I can’t wait to see where it all goes.

So while I prefer my beverages neither shaken nor stirred, I prefer my spy stories Grayson style straight up with a twist. Till next month folks, stay safe and don’t blow your cover.

Agent H… out.

Story: Tom King and Tim Seeley Art: Mikel Janin
Story: 9 Art: 9 Overall: 9 Recommendation: Buy