Comic Block Review: June 2015

Comic Block is the newest subscription box from Nerd Block. Although I used to subscribe to Nerd Block, I’ve stopped for some months. But once I’d heard about Comic Block, I figured I’d give it a try. For $13.99 a month plus around $9 in shipping (to Canada), it seemed like pretty good value for three comics, a t-shirt and a “comic themed collectible.”

I got my second Comic Block in the mail today. Was it as good as the first?

juneblockFirst things first, if you tally up the price tag value of the items that you can, it’s definitely worth the price of admittance. The t-shirt alone is priced at $20 on the tag, and then we have the comics that come in at around $12, but with all of them being exclusive variant covers, the actual value may, or may not, be higher in time. The comic themed collectible this month is an Avengers pen and tiny notepad – though the version of the pen and pad you get may differ – but the value is probably about two or three bucks.

So is the second Comic Block any good?

The t-shirt is fantastic, and I’m very happy with the fact it’s a black and white Dark Knight Returns shirt, and I’m very happy with the three comics that were included. There was also a pen and small pad.

Of the comics included in this block, Marvel’s offering is an exclusive cover of Groot #1 (a $4 comic) I was on the shelf about picking up the issue when it came out, so I’m pleased to get a chance to read it now. IDW Publishing included Ghostbusters Get Real #1 (valued at $4). I’ll read it, and I’ll probably really enjoy it. Perhaps the best surprise for me was 21st Century Tank Girl #1 from Titan Comics. I’d heard of the character before, but have never read anything she’s been in. Colour me excited to read this one.

The comic themed collectible, as has already been mentioned, is an Avengers pen. It isn’t anything I’d have ever purchased myself, but as a bonus in an already value packed Comic Block? I’m indifferent to it. I’ll use it at some point, I’m sure.

Last month, I thought that one of the nicest details in the Comic Block is that each comic arrived in a bag and board for protection. This month the cellophane was still there from Groot and Tank Girl, but Ghostbusters was shrink wrapped with a peice of cardboard in the middle. I wasn’t as happy with that this time through.

All in all, this was a  pretty awesome block, and I’m going to keep my subscription going for next month. The website says that there’s a chance of a graphic novel included as one of the three comics, so I’m hoping for one sooner or later.

Would I recommend this?

Yeah, I would. And if you use MSA10 as a coupon then you can save 10% off when you sign up (for any Nerd Block box), courtesy of My Subscription Addiction.

Originally published on Ramblings Of A Comics Fan

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