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Review: Magneto #19

Magneto_Vol_3_19_TextlessTwo worlds are coming to an end. The final Incursion has started, and fighting on the front lines to try and save his planet is…Magneto? We open Magneto #19 to New Yorkers looking skyward, watching as the energies of 2 planets inching closer to impact cascade and send chaos through the streets. Flying high above them, Magneto (aided by his daughter, Polaris) are taking the fight to this ‘other’ Earth, battling the parallel Sentinels sent after them. Polaris is shocked to see the energy levels her father is exhibiting, all the while trying to protect the people caught in the crossfire of Magneto and the Sentinels. Magneto clearly has one goal in mind, clearly shown as he rips a building to pieces to use against the killer robots; Polaris chides him for so reckless an action, as people in the building fall to the ground below…and his advice to her…”then catch them”.

For his attitude, this is the Magneto all of us know; not caring much for the collateral damage, or the human lives at risk, but rather making sure that he and his fellow mutants are protected and safe. But the level of power he is exhibiting is something fans of this book have not seen in Magneto for some time. To answer this, we get a flash back of Magneto and his current right hand, Briar, working with a chemist under Magnetos employ to pump him up with a new cocktail of various drugs to amp up his powers (MGH, Kick, etc..). But to face this Incursion, Magneto needs further assistance, and seeks out a geneticist who can do the kind of work he needs…and he finds Sugar Man (a cast away from the Age of Apocalypse I didn’t know was still around). From him, Magneto acquires the means to initiate his plan, and thanks him in true Magneto style. We move back to present time and see this plan working, Magneto using the very magnetic forces of the planet to aid him, but very quickly taking a deadly toll.

I have enjoyed this book from the start, showing Magneto going back to his roots and doing what he always strived to do; protect his fellow mutants. Away from the X-Men, Magneto has gone back to doing whatever necessary, even spilling blood, to see his goals attained, and this is the Magneto I have always liked reading.  I have not been a big fan of Briar, at his side serving as guide and counsel, but in this issue it is revealed Magneto as his doubts about her as well. Cullen Bunn has given a great voice to Magneto and getting the reader into the story; and Paul Davdison‘s art really made me feel the action, but also the darkness and mood of the flashbacks. The end is coming with the Incursion, and I am looking forward to see how Magento will face it.

Story: Cullen Bunn Art: Paul Davidson
Story: 8 Art: 8 Overall: 8 Recommendation: Read

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