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SE: NYCC 2015: Bendis and Marquez take on Iron Man Post Secret Wars

Invincible_Iron_Man_1_CoverAfter two sites, who have rather close relationships with Marvel, jumped the gun and ran canned posts before the announcement was even made, it is now officially announced at Special Edition: New York Comic Con that Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez will be taking on Iron Man post Secret Wars.

Invincible Iron Man will shake things up as his biological parents will be revealed, there’ll be new armor that can morph into other armors, there’ll be new villains, and new supporting characters including a new girlfriend.

Iron Man will take more center stage to align a bit with how movie audiences see the Marvel universe. Before this announcement, the news was choreographed as the character was front and center in both teasers Marvel released for All-New, All-Different Marvel, which had us pondering his role. It’s also been confirmed that it is still Tony Stark in the suit.

This is the first new series to be announced post Secret Wars.

There is a lesson in this announcement. Time your pre-canned posts right, don’t want folks to know how buddy buddy you are with the publishers you’re promoting! Makes you wonder about their other reporting… Oops.