Jake Roth, The F1rst Hero RETURNS!

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, Anthony Ruttgaizer‘s The F1rst Hero is back with a new mini series. Entitled, The F1rst Hero: Fight For Your Life, the story catches up with Jake Roth, the titular hero, who is the only person to manifest superpowers and not lose his mind.

Joining Ruttgaizer and letterer/colorist Fred C. Stressing on this adventure is new artist, Danny Zabbal, and Ring of Honor wrestler, Raymond Rowe, who gave his likeness to new villain, Odinson.

Issue One is currently being solicited in the June edition of Previews and has two covers; a painted cover by Zabbal and a variant by Jerry Gaylord. The F1rst Hero: Volume One – The Monster is also currently being resolicted to coincide with the new series release.