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James Sallis’ Drive Comes to IDW

DriveIDW Publishing hits the sun-bleached streets of L.A. this summer with the comic-book adaption of James Sallis’ modern noir classic, Drive. Artist Antonio Fuso alongside IDW’s own Michael Benedetto will adapt Sallis’ novel into a four-part series of Hollywood stunt driving, high-stakes heists, and cold-blooded revenge.

Drive follows a young man who escapes to L.A. to do one thing, drive. That’s all he does, and he’s the best. Whether on studio lots as a stunt driver or in high-speed chases evading the cops, there’s no one better behind the wheel. That kind of expertise comes with a hefty price tag and allows for a strict set of principles: “I don’t sit in while you’re planning the score or while you’re running it down… I don’t take part, I don’t know anyone, I drive…” But in L.A.’s criminal underworld, the rules are made to be broken if you want to stay alive.

First published in 2005, Drive is a critically acclaimed novel praised by The New York Times as “a perfect piece of noir fiction.” The 2011 award-winning film adaptation featured an all-star cast and was lauded for its hyper-stylized vision of Los Angeles. IDW Publishing’s comic book adaptation celebrates the 10-year anniversary of the novel’s release.

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