Review: Star Wars #1

sw001With much fanfare this first issue of the new Star Wars series has already arrived.  Many people had this issue listed as one of their top issues to watch for in 2015, and it is already here.  As was made abundantly clear beforehand, this issue represents the death of the Expanded Universe and the first entry into the comic book canon of new Star Wars material, including the upcoming movies.  The story picks up neatly after the events from the first movie, and then central core of heroes remains together here for what seems to be their second main adventure.  The action follows the group as they attempt to sabotage an Imperial weapons factory.  Han is leading the plan, and while it is well conceived, the plan does not last long, as numerous problems face the heroes almost from the start.

Many lauded this series as the first of what was to be the new Star Wars, which will soon see the new movie, Episode VII.  Seemingly not wanting to take away too much of the secrecy surrounding the new movies, this story fits between episodes IV and V.  That this is canon means that we do not really have to fear for the lives of the heroes, but the immediacy of their actions is still there.  The creative team is careful to insert enough other plot devices into the story to keep the readers with enough tension for the outcome, even if the reader already knows that the four heroes and two droids (plus one spaceship) are all going to make it.

Star Wars is a franchise which barely needs any extra acclaim, although this issue seems to be getting it from all corners.  At its base it is a solid enough issue and a good way to launch a series, but a lot of the acclaim seems to be from those that preface their opinions with “I am a huge Star Wars fan.”  With that in mind, and taking away from a lot of the Star Wars specific plot points, there is not much to distinguish this from a lot of other science fiction, and it leaves one to ponder that if it was Flash Gordon or John Carter in a similar plot if everyone would really care so much?  Nonetheless the story does stand by itself as being entertaining and at a fairly high level of production.  If this is to be the next story of Star Wars then it fits what has come before.

Story: Jason Aaron Art: John Cassaday
Story: 8.8  Art: 8.8 Overall: 8.8 Recommendation: Buy

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One comment

  • No more expanded universe? You mean all that time I spent as a teenager reading the Wedge Antilles novels was wasted? Impossible.