Transformers Reigns at the 2014 Box Office, Snowpiercer Shows Strength

Transformers-Age-of-Extinction-Poster-Optimus-and-GrimlockTransformers: Age of Extinction ruled the 2014 box office, bringing in $1.087 billion at the box office. It was the top earning film worldwide of the year earning hundreds of millions more than the next film. It was also the most profitable. Taking away its estimated budget, the film made $877.4 million what was 4.18 times its budget, the best of the bunch for both stats.

Domestically, Guardians of the Galaxy was the top earner, bringing in $333 million. Globally that film earned $772.6 million.

But, when it comes to films with the best legs, Snowpiercer blows all the competition out of the water. The film opened to limited release, and earned $171,187 its first weekend domestically. The film went on to earn $4.6 million. That’s an earning of 26.66 times what it opened with. Fellow small film We Are the Best!, which was based on a graphic novel, earned 10.22 times what it opened with.

All together films based on comics, or had a comic tie-in, brought in $7.7 billion. Films based on Marvel properties earned $2.94 billion of that.

2014 Comic Film Earnings