Spider-Woman Goes Batgirl, Gets a New Look

Out are spandex outfits. In are jackets, leather, leggings, and more realistic costumes. Marvel revealed today a new design for Jessica Drew, aka Spider-Woman. The design by artist Kris Anka, debuts today in the Spider-Man Unlimited mobile game, but will be seen in comics in March, when the Spider-Woman series goes in a new direction (the second issue came out yesterday).

This design is the latest o walk that line between real world and super hero. It also parrots the recent change by DC as far as the look for Batgirl, which breathed new life into the character and series. That redesign too had a more practical feel about it.

The new look debuts in Spider-Woman #5 which finds Jessica focusing on helping people in New York City at a more street-level way. That issue will be drawn by Javier Rodriguez.

Kris Anka's design

Kris Anka’s design

Javrier Rodriguez's take

Javrier Rodriguez’s take


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  • whaaaaaaaat no skin tight spandex with her boobs poping out what blasphemy is this!!! female super suits in general need a revamp akross the board! progress