Dark Horse to Release Courageous Princess Trilogy

Dark Horse Comics is set to publish Rod Espinosa’s epic trilogy The Courageous Princess.

Once upon a time, a greedy dragon kidnapped a beloved princess . . . But if you think she just waited around for some charming prince to rescue her, then you’re in for a surprise. Princess Mabelrose has enough brains and bravery to fend for herself!

The Courageous Princess: Beyond the Hundred Kingdoms will be released on March 11, 2015, to be followed by The Courageous Princess: The Unremembered Lands in June 2015 and The Courageous Princess: The Dragon Queen in September 2015, forming the Courageous Princess trilogy.

Espinosa’s The Courageous Princess was nominated for an Eisner Award for Best Title for Younger Readers in 2002.

The Courageous Princess beyond the hundred kingdoms The Courageous Princess the unremebered lands The Courageous Princess the dragon queen