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Get Fractured..Again! Fracture Trade paperbacks in January

Imagine you’re just an average Joe, or in this case an average Jeff. Jeff lives a care free life in Lower Triton, a city protected from the villainy of the evil super scientist, Malice by the heroics of it’s resident do-gooder, Virtue. Now, imagine Jeff’s horror as he wakes up one day to discover that he’s not only married with a child, he’s both the hero and the villain of the story.

That’s the story of Fracture, Action Lab Entertainment’s action filled tale of dual identities and multiple personalities. Created by writer Shawn Gabborin and artist Chad Cicconi , Fracture began as a successful Kickstarter campaign and launch pad for the company itself. Now the sold out first miniseries, Fracture: Altered Egos, is returning as a trade paperback collection. In addition, the trade collection of the second miniseries, Fracture: Vice and Virtue also returns. Picking up where volume one leaves off, Jeff tries to move on with his normal, humdrum life, leaving the newly cloned Virtue, with his personality in place to become a full time hero.

Virtue tries to protect Lower Triton while Jeff tries to keep his Malice personality at bay, which isn’t easy when he can’t get the drugs he needs! But life in Lower Triton is not normal by a long shot. Who is the newest villain on the scene, Vice? Who are the Croc men? And just how fractured is Jeff’s mind?

Both collections hit shelves in January 2015.

FRACTURE_trade_cover (1) vol1newcover_revised3_front