Review and Recap: Thief of Thieves #21

ThiefofThieves21_Cover“Wake up, Conrad. It’ll never be over.”
– Audrey

Thief of Thieves #21 continues the relentless story of Conrad Paulson with the second issue of the fourth arc that is aptly titled ‘The Hit List’. Writer Andy Diggle is creating a darker world for Conrad to navigate through and, to be honest, I had always imagined this series to go down a more shadowy and murky avenue from the start with its unique storyline. This issue shows us just how deadly Conrad’s world can be as the crime war he is involved in heats up. The best part is Lola’s back story is revealed…well, just the part about how he got his name, but it’s awesome.

When I first read about Thief of Thieves’ release it was at the same time I read about it being picked up by AMC for a potential series. At first, I thought it would be sort of an “Ocean’s Eleven” type story with its perfectly timed comedic elements, a dash of drama and tons of action sequences as our anti-hero, Conrad, pulls off another unbelievable heist. It has become so much more than that with each subsequent arc and The Hit List is proof of just how far the creators are willing to go to bring us great stories.

Spoilers for Thief of Thieves #21 Below

Issue #21 intends to create a darker path for Conrad and the supporting characters to go down, hopefully showing us a side to Conrad we haven’t seen before. Now that the crime war has hit close to home, Conrad has no choice but to exact revenge on those that have wronged him and his family. I can only imagine how great the following are going to be as we follow him down this road to revenge. The issue is a great continuation to last issues set up for this arc. Learning more about Lola, one of my favorite villains, is another great bonus. His back story in this issue reveals how he got his name and it was extreme to say the least, but something you would expect from Lola.

A review about Thief of Thieves would not be complete without talking about the amazing illustrations by Shawn Martinbrough. He draws Conrad’s emotions so well it makes the story so believable and the characters so real. By adding that extra dimension it truly separates Thief of Thieves from other comics and this issue has plenty of emotion to show. We possibly see Conrad at his lowest point of the series and Diggle and Martinbrough continue to make Thief of Thieves appear fresh and new with each arc. Issue #21 is a definite ‘buy’ and coupled with Issue #20 would be a great jumping on point for any new reader.

Thoughts and Discussion – Spoilers Warning

– Do you really think Audrey and Augustus were on that boat?

– How did the Italians know where Conrad’s boat was located if he rigged the GPS? Could Arno possibly have something to with it?

– I’m really excited for this arc. Conrad using his unique talents and abilities to get revenge is going to make an awesome story going forward.

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Created By: Robert Kirkman – Writer: Andy Diggle – Artist: Shawn Martinbrough – Colorist: Adriano Lucas – Cover: Shawn Martinbrough & Felix Serrano – Letterer: Rus Wooton
Story: 9.5 Art: 9 Overall: 9 Recommendation: Buy