Review: Clone #16


Clone #16 started its fourth arc this week and we can already see the story getting grittier and riskier. The last arc ended with the clone’s and Amelia’s life in danger, but with the promise of an island sanctuary on the horizon. The Coalition and Vice President Davis were spreading the word that clones are bad news for America and need to be dealt with accordingly. It was not looking good for Luke and his band of clone compadres and this new arc appears to be heading in that same direction right off the bat.

Issue #16 is essentially separated into three acts to get the story moving forward. The Clone Sisters are undecided on what to do with Amelia since their father won’t accept her on the island. An island which I thought we would be on by now, but I enjoy this book so much I can wait as long as needed. She is not a clone, but has sacrificed a lot of herself and her life for benefit of all of them. Kazumi wants to keep her safe, however, Meiko and the other three girls want Amelia dead. They come across a cabin in the woods (this is another instance showing that you should never go into a ‘cabin in the woods’) and Amelia decides to see if anyone lives there as it could be a daytime sanctuary for all of the clones on their journey. Their journey, by the way, is taking them all to a private jet two days away. What they find in the cabin adds another twist to the story and with it Clone gets better and better.

The second story revolves around Mrs. K and her involvement in The Coalition. She is still healing from what happened to her the last time we saw her and I honestly thought she was done for. The writers believe there is more to Mrs. K to flesh out and right now her and The Coalition are the antagonists. She is visited by Pastor Snyder and something tells me there is an evil hidden agenda behind his smile and what plans he has for Mrs. K.

The third and final story that starts off in this issue is the journey of Gamma (the clone with the tattoos). He decided to leave the safety of the clone group because he couldn’t be their leader and possibly because of his love for Amelia. Luke has both and I wonder if we will get to see a showdown between the two in the future. We see Gamma getting drunk in a bar before he starts a brawl with some Coalition sympathizers. My guess is he will infiltrate The Coalition and see whats going on inside and it’s only a matter of time until his path crosses with Mrs. K.

Clone is definitely one of my favorite books every month and I can’t wait for each subsequent issue to find out what happens next. The art that Juan Jose Ryp delivers each issue never ceases to amaze me. It is truly unique and adds the perfect compliment to the story especially when added with Andy Troy’s colors. Whether you are a single-issue reader or someone who waits for the Trade you will not be disappointed.

Thoughts and Discussion (Spoilers)

Creator and writer Schulner (Dracula) will write and executive produce the Universal TV project himself, with Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead) and David Alpert (The Walking Dead TV Series Producer)

– What will happen with Amelia? Will she make it to the island?

– Will the clones ever get to the island?

– What does Pastor Snyder have in store for Mrs. K?

– What is Gamma’s plan when he gets to The Coalition?

Story: David Schulner, Aaron Ginsberg, Wade Mcintyre – Art: Juan Jose Ryp – Colors: Andy Troy – Letterer: Rus Wooton – Cover: Juan Jose Ryp, Andy Troy
Story: 8.5 Art: 9 Overall: 9 Recommendation: Read