Movie Review: Son of Batman

son of batman coverToday sees the original of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment‘s latest original animated movie based on the DC Universe, Son of Batman based on the story Batman and Son by Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert.

Batman learns he has a son, Damian – and to further complicate matters, the mother is Talia al Ghul, daughter of one of his most dreaded enemies, Ra’s Al Ghul. When the odds quickly turn against Batman and Damian, Batman must become both father and mentor to the aggressive, agile new Robin. Together they form an uneasy alliance to try and thwart the criminal enterprise of Deathstroke and his army of ninja man-bats before there are international consequences.

The movie continues the solid track record of animated releases by the company. I haven’t read the original comic its based on, so I can’t compare the two, I can say that this version is entertaining with solid pacing, and some really good action…. there’s a lot of action actually. Having read some of Damian’s adventures in comic form, I felt the film captured what I had imagined he’d be like, a brat with some serious kung-fu skills.

SOBat-RobinI think that’s what stands out to me about the movie, how everyone reacts to Damian. Bruce Wayne/Batman, and Alfred both have some issues dealing with their new family member. A lot of it all comes down to the voice acting, and I enjoyed David McCallum as Alfred and Jason O’Mara as Bruce/Batman. Stuart Allan is the voice of Damian, which was a bit jarring to hear (the voice doesn’t quite match the character’s look), but generally fit the character as far as age.

Overall, it comes to the story and action which this animated movie has, and has it pouring out of every corner. Sure there’s some plot issues, and character development problems as well, but for the action alone, this movie is worth it, as well as seeing everyone’s reaction to Damian, and that’s what will drive a lot of folks to check this out. Overall, it’s a solid introduction and addition to the DC animated movie universe, and here’s hoping we get to see some more of Batman and Damian’s adventures…. can you say Batman Inc.?

The release also includes some featurettes focusing on the League of Assassins and Ras al Ghul, Damian, designing everything, as well as four classic Batman cartoons.

Direction: 7.75 Acting: 7.5 Plot: 7.75 Overall: 7.75

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