Review: Black Science #6

BlackScience06-Cover“It’s not what I’ve done that flashes before my eyes, It’s what I’m going to miss.
– Grant McKay

Black Science #6 wraps up its incredible first arc titled ‘How To Fall Forever’. Six issues of arguably the best new comic of 2013 filled with amazing art and an equally unbelievable plot. Rick Remender and Matteo Scalera have really created something special with Black Science, mixing dimension-bending physics with top-notch art. You really feel for each of the characters and want them all to survive, even the bad guys; that’s one way to know that you’re holding a really great comic in your hands. Issue number six of Black Science, on the Wednesday when it gets released, is the first comic I read from the huge pile I get from my local comic shop. Yes, I do have access to pretty much any comic for review purposes, weeks and sometimes months before they are released, but I am one those people that love the feel and look of a physical book in his hands. That goes double for books with art that appears to jump out at you. Art that truly magnifies the amazing plot it’s meant to capture. The Walking Dead and Saga come to find to name just a few. We can definitely add Remender’s and Scalera’s Black Science to this list as well.

The current issue’s story line continues immediately where number five left off, with Grant and Kadir falling helplessly into the frozen volcano we saw at the end of the last issue. Grant had just discovered that Kadir was the one responsible for sabotaging the Pillar, the device used by the team to jump from one dimension to another. As a result, their “jumps” are erratic and unpredictable at best. Two members have already perished in previous issues and Grant places the blame solely on Kadir, who funded the project in the first place.

This new dimension is difficult to explain and must be seen to be believed, but I will try my best. Entwined with each other during their struggle and free-fall, Grant and Kadir fall through a glass ceiling and ultimately into a pool of water. The building appears to be some sort of nursery for the ape/gorilla-like residents. They have less than five minutes to return to the Pillar if they want to “jump” with it and the rest of their team. You can’t help but feel immersed in the mesmerizing scenery and Dean White’s painted art is like nothing else. Everyone involved in making this book really did a great job at bringing Grant’s and Kadir’s struggle to life. Without spoiling too much, Grant finds himself in what appears to be an impossible situation to overcome, but we love these characters and have to believe he will triumph. Chandra comes for Kadir, but not before the “sentient gas-life” (I really have no idea what to call the fire-stream thing, but this is what Kadir called it) attaches itself to her. I know this sounds strange, but trust me, it works within the context of the comic and it’s super-awesome. Even the Shaman from the previous arc steps up and helps the team out when needed. It’s a great issue. Needless to say, the next arc cannot get here soon enough.

What Remender and Scalera do extremely well is create these worlds, or dimensions I should say, that are original, imaginative and inventive. They do this every few issues which is as unbelievable as the worlds they create. Unfortunately, we will have to wait until July 30th to experience the next world our favorite dimension-jumping scientists travel to and what awaits them there. Although Black Science #6 answered many lingering questions we had from previous issues, it also created more. It was a perfect close to the arc and great set-up for what’s to come.

Thoughts and Discussion

– How will the team be able to communicate with the Shaman?

– Kadir kills two ape/gorilla-like beings of this dimension…where did the second “sentient gas-life entity” go? Which body did it attach itself to? We know the first one went into Chandra.

– What will happen to Grant? How will he get out of his “situation”?

– Did you notice…one of the ape-gorilla-like beings that Grant and Kadir come across seemed to notice Grant? How did he recognize him? Was it possibly from a different Grant, from a different dimension that happened upon this same dimension?

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Story: Rick Remender Art: Matteo Scalera – Painted Art: Dean White – Lettering: Rus Wooton
Story: 9.5 Art: 9.5 Overall: 9.5 Recommendation: Buy