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Review: Black Science #5

BlackScience05-cover“Rage pushes me over the edge. Same mistake I always make. Leap before I look.”
– Grant

The penultimate issue for the first arc of Black Science, the impressive new comic book from Image Comics, came out on Wednesday and continues to build a rich and intricate world. Rick Remender has an infinite amount of worlds to draw from and the what we have seen so far, through only five issues, is awe-inspiring. Grant McCay and his Anarchist League of Scientists is fresh, crisp and original and a book that needs to be on everyone’s Pull List immediately.

Black Science #5 advances the story of our favorite time-traveling scientists from the tumultuous other dimension, filled with war and death, to the current one of lies and alternate reality body-doubles. The last issue taught us that no one is safe jumping through dimensions so anyone can go at any time. We didn’t know Ward for long, but I think he will be missed. Plus, he was the security force of the team and could have definitely been utilized this issue. One consolation is we get to see him in flashbacks, which Black Science does extremely well to flesh out the characters and keep the story fun and interesting.

Compared to the last location, this new one is practically a vacation resort. Our team, headed by Grant McCay, is trying desperately to get back to their home time-line, but because the Pillar (the device that helps them jump through space and time) is damaged, that proves erratic and unpredictable. One of the big mysteries of the first arc is who sabotaged the Pillar causing our scientists to be displaced from the very first issue. For those new to the series, it’s important to know that with each jump comes a set time limit from the Pillar. The team has to be within a certain range of the device in order to travel with it.

That brings us to the main plot of this issue. Grant and his wife, from a completely different dimension travel to where our team is to kidnap Grants children. He is the mysterious masked figure that appeared at the end of the last issue. This might get a little confusing so lets call our Grant, just plain Grant and any other Grant form a different dimension, Faux-Grant. So, Faux-Grant traveled to kidnap Grant’s children, claiming they are his and it’s for their own safety and protection. With what Grant has been through, however, he is having none of that today. He catches up to Faux-Grant and Faux-Sara and his children and gets them back. Faux-Grant explains that his children, Faux-Pia and Faux-Nate, died when their Pillar exploded and they die in every time-line they encounter. Grant is destined to protect his own children and sends them on their way, but not before Faux-Grant can instill some dimension-hopping knowledge on him; Kadir is the one that sabotaged the Pillar.

The issue ends with Grant and his children making it back to the Pillar just in time to jump and Grant to confront Kadir with a punch to the face. Upon entering the new dimension, Kadir explains it was Rebecca who sabotaged the Pillar immediately before Grant tackles him into a hole with what could only be the new citizens of their destination; strange Morlock looking monkeys…awesome!

I can’t say enough about how incredible this comic book is. The colors, the ink and the story all combine to make something truly amazing, You definitely will not be disappointed picking up this book. The first arc comes to a dramatic close at the end of this month before the trade captures all six issues together if you would rather wait for that; if you can wait that long.

Story: Rick Remender Art: Matteo Scalera/Dean White
Story: 9 Art: 9.5 Overall: 9 Recommendation: Buy

Image Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy of review

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