Review: Revival #19

Revival-19-CoverA“He (Dana’s Dad) said I was the best daughter I could be. Now I just had to be the best big sister I could be”
– Dana

Revival #19 began its fourth arc with issue #18 and things that were thought of as secret are coming back to haunt Dana and her Reviver sister Martha Cypress. Martha has become somewhat of a vigilante since we met her in the first issue of this dark graphic noir. We know little about the Revivers, but enough to figure out some of their motives. We know that Revivers heal quickly and can survive most forms of death even. Em uses this ‘superpower’ to her advantage to right wrongs and protect herself and, most importantly, her family. The second arc ended with Em killing the Check Brothers, who were selling Reviver organs on the black market, to protect Cooper and her family. She thought her problem was buried, literally, but now the FBI is in town and they are asking questions.

We begin this month’s story with Lester Majak heartbroken over the disappearance of Chuck, his beloved dog. We last saw Chuck marching along with his master with one of the ghosts close by. Sulking over his cup of tea, Lester looks up to find Chuck on his back porch mumbling in the same manner we’ve seen the ghosts do in many scenes. Chuck falls over and the ghost, along with blood, erupts from within Chuck and into Lester for a moment. Lester than throws it up, but not before he has visions of running along with Chuck and what appeared to be baby squirrels next to a lake. This was strange to me and didn’t make much sense, but I’m hoping we will get an explanation later on. Like I said, we don’t know much about the ghosts or the Revivers, just enough to help us figure out some scenes.

The story continues with Ed Holt and Wayne going at it again with the Sheriff giving Ed trouble whenever he can. One of the interesting things that I love about the way Seeley tells this story is how each arc begins with very broad stories that tie together nicely issues later when the arc is coming to a close. It is very well written and should be one of the myriad of reasons to pick up this book. Wayne gives Ed a ticket for taking a crap in the woods and, of course, Ed uses it to wipe his butt to show that he can’t be pushed around. The last panel shows us the beginning of a new part of the story with men underground digging a tunnel. That’s all the information we get at this point and probably the reason for Ed watching over this area in the first place when Sheriff Wayne approaches.

The primary story this month is Dana and her continuing struggle to locate her sister, Em’s, murderer. The reason I chose that quote at the top is because It pretty much spells out the entire story for us. Dana has been trying to be a better big sister to Martha and searching for her killer is how she plans on achieving that. Dana tells Ibrahim about her sister’s situation and he reluctantly decides to help her and keep it a secret. Dana, a police officer, has not told anyone, including her dad, about her sister being a Reviver or the fact she was murdered. That puts Ibrahim into a sticky predicament, but he decides to help Dana anyway.

My favorite scene was when Dana pulled over May Tao, the reporter, for drunk driving. May knows that Martha killed the Check Brothers, but chose not to report it because Martha helped her at one point. May uses this information to get out of the drunk driving ticket by covertly blackmailing Dana. The issue ends with Dana and her father, Sheriff Wayne Cypress, in the mayor’s office when two FBI agents tell her they would like to speak to her about the Check Brothers.

This issue was good and the art by Mike Norton always impresses. His crisp lines and facial expressions put us right in the middle of this little town and what each character is going through. Em meets a new and interesting friend in Rhodey, the skateboarding Jesus and I can’t wait to learn more about this new Reviver. This is one of my favorite books and I love the noir feel it gives off. The story gets better with each arc the cliffhangers always make you yearn for the next release. I wonder how much the FBI knows and what questions they could possibly have for Dana. Can Dana help Martha avoid the FBI’s scrutiny? This will definitely give her the opportunity to be the better big sister that she was hoping for.

Thoughts and Questions

– What was the tunnel for that Ed Holt was watching over? Where was it going to?

– How much does the FBI know about the Check Brothers disappearance? Do they think Martha was involved?

– Why did the ghost enter Chuck and then Lester? What is their purpose? Why did they kill Chuck? And what were the visions about that Lester saw?

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Story: Tim Seeley Art: Mike Norton Colors: Mark Englert Cover: Jenny Frison
Story: 8.5 Art: 9 Overall: 9 Recommendation: Read