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Winter Comics This Summer With the Return of Chuck Dixon’s Winterworld

This summer, IDW’s slated blockbuster releases are going to make it hotter than ever or, in this case, so cold it hurts. Second in the line of IDW’s eagerly anticipated summer titles, Winterworld, Chuck Dixon and Jorge Zaffino’s critically acclaimed tale of a future planet Earth frozen from pole to pole, will make its return with an all new ongoing series this June.

Joining Dixon on this series will be one of the most recognized and respected artists in the industry, Butch Guice. Guice is known for his amazing work on DC and Marvel characters ranging from Superman to Captain America with a style that is both dynamic and beautiful.

Winterworld #1 picks up the story of a savvy trade rider, Scully, and Wynn, a young woman long separated from her family. Together they move through a bleak and frozen future in search of Wynn’s parents encountering the brutality of a world where the coldest place on Earth is the human heart.

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