She-Hulk #1 Through the Eyes of a Lawyer

She-Hulk_1_Young_VariantCharles Soule‘s She-Hulk hit the shelves this week and has been flying off ever since, particularly here in lawyer heavy Washington, DC. Soule is a real life lawyer on top of his comic writing duties, taking on She-Hulk/Jennifer Walters a superhero/lawyer herself. I am not a lawyer, but I thought it’d be fun to see what one thought of the first issue.

Here’s the Top 5 thoughts in no particular order about She-Hulk #1 from the lawyer I trust the most, my fiance.

  1. Despite the smoking gun piece of evidence it’d really take years to get the case through court.
  2. She billed 2800 hours that year, plus saving the world… when does she sleep? That 2800 is what was billed, not worked. You bill about 70-75% of what you actually work. That is if you’re good. So, you can imagine what’s worked for that 2800 hours.
  3. It was a bit hard to believe it wasn’t clear upfront when she was hired it was as a “rainmaker.”
  4. She loved the part with Legal where he goes off into fine print. Literally the lettering was fine print. Loved it. When multiple lawyers get in a room. This is what happens. They will start talking in fine print.
  5. She-Hulk’s not wrong about CEOs being out of touch with their legal department. Because no one likes dealing with legal.