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Squirrel Girl Comes to Marvel Heroes

Doreen Green’s bushy tail and bashful smile may not look intimidating, but her powerful claws, formidable fighting skills, and unique mutant ability to command massive squirrel armies have helped her take down some of the most powerful villains in the Marvel universe including MODOK, Doctor Doom, and even Thanos.

In Marvel Heroes, Squirrel Girl can summon hundreds of squirrels to tear into her enemies with thousands of tiny teeth. Far from your average rodents, some of her furry friends come equipped with military-grade explosives and even Hulkbuster armor!


  • I am playing Marvel Heroes. I’m “Storm” which I think is who I had to pick to start out with — as I did not purchase any extras but so far I like the game. Level 11 right now. Some of the bosses are harder than others but are beaten fairly quickly with the right powers and maneuvers. Fighting a ton of A.I.M. agents the last round who just kept coming and coming. While in Avengers Tower, I did spot Squirrel Girl! Luckily she wasn’t trying to cross the street or anything.