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Letter 44 #1 Sells Out!

A new President, freshly inaugurated and faced with an impossible scenario, a spaceship full of American heroes flung far across our solar system, unsure of whom or what will greet them, and a lone structure of unknown origin floating untouched in the vacuum of space.

These are but a few of the elements that have led to the maiden voyage of Charles Soule and Alberto Jiménez Alburqurque’s Letter 44 #1 to sell out of its initial 22,000 copy print run!

Riding high atop its unique premise and eye-catching art, Letter 44 #1 premiered in a special black and white variant edition at San Diego Comic-Con earlier this year, fueling fans’ desire for the series to finally premiere with Guy Major’s vivid colors. Fans and retailers responded thunderously, depleting Diamond Comics Distributors’ stock of the specially priced $1 issue in less than a day.

Holding its introductory price of $1, Letter 44 #1 will be receiving a second printing with a new cover by superstar artist Javier Pulido, scheduled to hit shelves on November 27th, the same day as Letter 44 #2!

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