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Pick(s) of the Week: The Wake #4 and so Much More

The Wake #4 coverIn a solid week of comic book releases this comic made it on three of our four lists and for those three, it was on the top spot for each. The Wake, is Scott Snyder and  Sean Murphy‘s series from Vertigo. To say it’s good is an understatement.

Trapped…drowning…dying…could things get worse for Doctor Lee Archer and her team? Yes, they could. Much worse, in fact. Turns out the shocking discovery of the creature was only the beginning.

A mix of science fiction. A mix of horror. This series is a tense thriller that’s been solid with each and every issue. Vertigo’s hit new series continues and you should be reading it!

Check out the rest of our picks below.


Top Pick: The Wake #4 (Vertigo) – I don’t know how many times I checked the Internet to make sure this series hadn’t ended while I wasn’t paying attention. I still can’t tell which is better, Snyder’s story or Murphy’s illustrations.

Criminal Macabre: The Eyes of Frankenstein #1 (Dark Horse) – After Steve Niles’ phenomenal but emotionally heavy Breath of Bones, it is great to see him back doing what he does best…writing horror.

East of West #6 (Image) – If an issue of this series is an upcoming release it will always be in my top picks. Hickman and Dragotta kill it every month with their post apocalyptic dystopian world.

King Conan The Hour of the Dragon #5 (Dark Horse) – Fantastic story and artwork. I met writer Tim Truman at the Baltimore Comic-Con and had a blast talking about his passion for scribing the barbarian.

Mouse Guard Legends of the Guard Vol. 2 #3 (Archaia) – I have a ways to go before catching up to this issue, but I’m going to list it anyways. Redwall for adults, fantastic


Top Pick: The Wake #4 (Vertigo) – I think I summed it up above, but this series has been amazing with each and every issue. Solid story and art in each release.

Garth Ennis’ Red Team #5 (Dynamite Entertainment) – I love a good cop thriller and this is one charting the fall of a team of cops who take the law into their own hands.

Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard Vol. 2 #3 (Archaia) – Mouse Guard is an amazing series mixing fantasy with cute mice. I’m not a fan of fantasy, but I’m a fan of this series which is great for kids and adults.

Powerpuff Girls #1 (IDW Publishing) – How can you not include the first issue of the series that takes the popular cartoon and launches it in comics? I wasn’t a die-hard fan of the cartoon, but the episodes I did watch were entertaining enough that I’m really looking forward to checking this series out.

Punisher: Trial of the Punisher #1 (Marvel) – How is there not an ongoing Punisher series going on? Really Marvel!?


Top Pick: The Wake #4 (Vertigo) – Last issue ended on a huge, game-changing cliffhanger, and I’m so excited to see it resolve itself. Or maybe it won’t! Either way, it’s going to be a great comic.

Fatale #17 (Image) – Brubaker’s and Phillip’s crime story keeps getting darker and darker, just the way a noir should. I believe this issue has the customary mid-arc interlude, and I’m interested in visiting Nicolas Lash in the modern day.

Saga #14 (Image) – What more can someone even say about this comic? Everything about it is breathtaking, and I’m just so giddy that it’s finally coming out. Feels like it’s been forever.

Sex Criminals #1 (Image) – Matt Fraction has been turning out some solid comics recently, and I hear that this book is like a romantic comedy with heists. Come on. Comedy, heists, and Matt Fraction. Sold.


Top Pick: Saga #14 (Image) – I can never wait to get the next Saga issue in my hands!

Aquaman #23.2 Ocean Master (DC Comics) – While Ocean Master is kind of a blase villain, he’s played a major part in New 52 Arthur’s life, and DC is kicking ass with Aquaman all around, so you’d be dead wrong to ignore this.

Batman #23.4 Bane (DC Comics) – Bane’s awesome, so I can’t wait to give this a shot.

Planet of the Apes Giant #1 (one-shot) (BOOM! Studios) – BOOM!’s Planet of the Apes comics are fantastic, despite being rarely discussed. Seriously, try ’em out!

Punisher: Trial of the Punisher #1 (Marvel) – sort of reminiscent of Marvel’s “Trial of Spider-man” event from the 1990s, but this certainly looks like a great Punisher miniseries, and a great place to hop on if you’re not a Punisher fan.

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