Marvel Discusses What to Expect in Inumanity and Inhuman!

Today, Marvel hosted their latest Next Big Thing live blog, this time about their next big upcoming event Inhumanity, Inhuman and the future of the Inhumans! On the chat was writer Matt Fraction who was joined by Axel Alonso and Nick Lowe.

Fraction kicked it off by stating:

This will be one of the moments where you can plant a flag and see a big change in the Marvel Universe.

Fraction continued that the Inhumans no longer get to hide anymore and they number more than we’ve ever known. He saw this as freedom as a writer to do different things with an entirely new situation.

The Inhumans are a race of super-powered beings; the Kree came to Earth, did a little genetic manipulation centuries ago, and created the Inhumans.

Axel chimed in saying that this story’s foreground is  new characters who will be introduced and will be our eyes into this world. This is really the Marvel Universe as a whole discovering the Inhumans. Marvel says this is an exciting new angle, though it sounds a lot like Earth X, or when mutants seemed to be everywhere.

Fraction described their “coming out” as similar to humanity’s reactions to mutants, so are amazed and some are terrified. He promised a “really big saga.” While the events of this next “era” of Marvel spins out of Infinity, you don’t need to read that event to understand or enjoy it.

Fraction’s section of the story focuses on the royal family. Fraction and Olivier Coipel are the team behind the one-shot that kicks this off then Fraction and Joe Madureira will be the team behind Inhuman. You’ll also see events in Avengers Assemble and Indestructible Hulk where Bruce Banner will investigate an aspect of this.

What to expect becomes much clearer after Infinity #4. There is the main series Inhuman as well as a number of tie-ins in other ongoing series. Fraction said:

It felt new and kind of dangerous to go into new territory. It’s as close to a novel as I’ve ever done. You’re kind of writing the last page before you’re writing the first page so there’s a grand design.

Fraction describes it as a space opera/political novel. The discussion ended with the team saying they can’t wait for the public to see all of this which they’ve been teasing in various ways for the last couple of years.


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