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Justin Bieber as Robin in Batman Vs. Superman?

Justin Bieber posted this photo to his Instagram account with the hashtag #robin added to it. Is this wishful think, the pop-star up for the role, or is this a prank?

This might confirm a couple of things if true:

  1. The next movie might be called Batman vs. Superman, it previously had not been officially named (casting doubt to the photo’s authenticity)
  2. Robin is in it?!

Earlier Bieber alluded to filming a skit for Funny or Die, and this might be a part of it (and that’s my guess actually). You can easily see the humor site posting a video or trolling the internet in this way, especially after it melted down over Affleck’s casting. As another site pointed out, the Robin in the Frank Miller story mentioned as the script being “based on” featured a female Robin. Internet, have fun with that one at least, they do share similar hair styles.

Here’s hoping this is just wishful thinking or a fake or a fantastic trolling of the intertubes. If you though the internet melted down over Affleck being cast…. and I can’t believe I actually have to write an article about this dipshit.


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  • A couple things to note:

    1-Scripts don’t have full colored logos on the front page

    2-Zach Snyder isn’t the screenwriter. He wouldn’t have a credit

    3-This isn’t “Based on” any specific comic. Just as Man of Steel drew from Superman: Birthright, Secret Origin, and others, this movie will draw aspects from that comic, as well as others. It will never say “Based on”

    4-And, finally, the graphic novel is questions is “The Dark Knight Returns”. The title there doesn’t exist

    This is obviously a fake.