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Review: Forever Evil #1

FEVIL_Cv1_dsThe first universe-wide event of The New 52 begins as Forever Evil launches! We’re teased that the Justice League is dead! And the villains shall inherit the Earth!

Building for quite some time, DC’s first universe-wide event starts with a building simmer as the action and stakes are raised. Told from some interesting viewpoints, the story flows directly from Trinity War as the Crime Syndicate move to conquer Earth. While doing so, they gather the DC universe’s worst villains to form an all new Secret Society.

The comic starts from the perspective of Lex Luthor, arguably DC’s greatest villain, as a more evil batch of characters moves in on his territory. And that to me so far is the most interesting thing about the fist issue and potentially this event.

For all the fantastic villains that DC has, they feel a little like the classic villain with some sort of scheme that gets foiled by the good guy. I never quite feel like the bad guy is going to off a hero, or someone close to them, it’s a bit Pollyanna-ish. But, to me, Forever Evil is chucking all of that out the window.

After gathering their army, the Crime Syndicate makes it clear that this isn’t your classic DC villain story. After quickly offing a voice of dissension, they go to town on a classic and loved character. They not only threaten him, but threaten his friends, family and anyone he knows. This is a shift to the more “gritty” villains we might expect from other publishers. It’s an interesting move and partially what I think this event is about, the old “safe” villains versus today’s “gritty” villains.

I fully expect some villains to rise up and take on the Crime Syndicate, saying their new way messes up the old dynamic, we get hints of that in the last panel. But, for seven issues, who knows what to expect, especially after this first one.

Is the comic perfect? Nope, there’s absolutely some flaws, but after quite a while of my being pretty down on events, DC seems to be giving us one that is a little bit of old, a little bit of new, and a lot of fun.

Story: Geoff Johns Art: David Finch, Richard Friend
Story: 8 Art: 7.75 Overall: 8 Recommendation: Buy

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