Pick(s) of the Week: Daredevil #30 and Many More

daredevil 30 coverIt’s a pretty light week for comics. With a narrowed down list to choose from, there were a few standouts, but few series that are consistently as solid as Mark Waid‘s Daredevil. I’ve been an on and off reader of ole horn head for quite some time, but Waid has infused writing that makes the character fun and riveting at the same time. The series has a pulp sensibility about it, harkening back to the old school characters of the 30s and 40s.

That’s helped and enhanced by the artwork of Chris Samnee who has won praise for his style. This is a pairing of writer and artists that could go down as a classic team-up.

Daredevil has consistently won praise since it launched years ago and hasn’t faltered at all in it’s quality and fun. This is easily one of Marvel‘s best comics on the market.

Find out the team’s other picks below!


Top Pick: Lobster Johnson: A Scent of Lotus #2 (Dark Horse) – This concludes a fantastic two book miniseries, fans of the pulp mythos will not be disappointed. Most importantly, LJ handles business.

Bloodshot #0 (Valiant) – Quantum and Woody is a prime example of the quality comics coming out of Valiant. Although I have some backtracking to do, what better way to start than an issue #0 origin story.

Dinosaurs Attack! #2 (IDW) – Titan’s Chronos Commandos has gotten me on a prehistoric kick. I’m willing to give this series a shot.


Top Pick: Daredevil #30 (Marvel) – You can read above why this series is on my list. Quality from front to back.

Adventure Time #19 (BOOM! Studios/kaBOOM) – A great all ages comic that leaves me smiling by the time I’m done reading it.

Bloodshot #0 (Valiant) – Matt Kindt writing Bloodshot? Yes please!

Revival #13 (Image) – Forget that other zombie comic everyone is talking about. This mix of zombies and gothic noir keeps me coming back each month in hopes of learning more of its mysteries.

Superior Spider-Man #16 (Marvel) – One of the most controversial comics out there is also one of the best. Dan Slott has taken a story that shouldn’t work and churned out an amazing story that gets better with each issue.

Thief of Thieves #16 (Image) – The story of Redmond and his attempt to get out of the game has been amazing. This isn’t about theft as much as a family crime drama. So good.

TPB of the Week: Chew Vol. 7 Bad Apples (Image) – With each issue of Chew the laughs come fast and furious with a world that’s over the top weird (in a good way). This is a cult comic that will blow up when it eventually gets to television, which is the rumor. If you’ve never read it, start with volume one, it’s worth it.


Top Pick: Batman ’66 #2 (DC Comics) – This probably sounds like a really dumb choice for my “top pick,” but did anyone actually read issue one? It was fantastic, funny, beautifully illustrated. Maybe people are staying away because DC is putting terrible covers on this book…

Daredevil #30 (Marvel) – Daredevil and Silver Surfer, say what?!

Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Ninth Assassin #5 (Dark Horse) – Despite the “Ninth Assassin” sort of being not present, and with some shoddy writing in the first issue, this series has been a ton of fun, and I can’t wait to see Vader get into some more assassination action.

Batman Beyond Universe #1 (DC Comics) – Batman Beyond, whether it’s comics or the TV show, is an incredible, hyper-modern Gothic take on the Dark Knight. The first arc of Batman Beyond Unlimited was probably one of the best Batman comics I’ve read (*gasp* “Blasphemy!”), so I’m excited to see where this new series goes.

Wonder Woman #23 (DC Comics) – It’s been too long since I held Wonder Woman in my hands (pun intended?).

TPB of the Week: Willow: Wonderland (Dark Horse) – Fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer who missed this when it was out as floppies will want to pick up this TPB which collects the five-issue mini-series featuring Willow. If this had been an episode in the show, it would be among my top five.

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