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The 5 Points Batman (1966): Deluxe Boxed Set is Available for Pre-Order

5 Points Batman (1966): Deluxe Boxed Set

Holy Ultimate Bat-Set! Are you a Batman fan? Do you have a nostalgic love for the 1966 Batman TV show? Is collecting Batman stuff your thing? Then check out this deluxe boxed set! 

This deluxe boxed set features a whopping 7 figures all with interchangeable heads and accessories, the Batmobile, and the Batcave/Wayne Manor diorama!

The 5 Points Batman (1966): Deluxe Boxed Set contains everyone’s favorite crime-fighting duo and a variety of Gotham City’s most notorious villains, each complete with their own interchangeable heads and accessories.

The Batmobile features two seats that Batman and Robin can sit in, rotating wheels, a retractable buzz saw that is activated via a button on the windshield, and an attachable rocket flame for when your atomic turbines are powered and you are ready to roll out!

Once assembled, the Batcave features Batcomputers, the Batpoles, and all the Batcave details as seen on the show.

The 5 Points Batman (1966): Deluxe Boxed Set includes:

  • Batman – renowned crime-fighting superhero of Gotham. In addition to a vast array of hi-tech gadgets, Batman has trained his body and mind to peak human condition to battle the forces of evil.
  • Robin – the Boy Wonder and Batman’s trusty sidekick. Together, Batman & Robin form the Dynamic Duo.
  • Alfred – faithful butler to Bruce Wayne and the only person who knows Batman & Robin’s secret identities. Alfred keeps busy with his duties at Wayne Manor and below it in the Batcave.
  • Catwoman – prrrofessional criminal, thief, and arch-nemesis to Batman & Robin.
  • The Joker – the Clown Prince of Crime whose jokes and pranks are committed amidst his heinous crimes.
  • The Penguin – foul fiend and felonious mastermind with a penchant for specialized, hi-tech umbrellas.
  • The Riddler – quizzical criminal trickster and one of Batman’s greatest foes. The Riddler commits various bizarre crimes and leaves riddles behind leading to his next misdeed.
  • Batmobile – super-charged, super-vehicle full of gadgets to aid the Dynamic Duo during their missions.
  • Batcave – secret subterranean headquarters of Batman and Robin. The Batcave contains a direct passage to Wayne Manor and contains a wide range of crimefighting equipment.


  • Batman
    • Two (2) head portraits
    • One (1) batarang
    • One (1) bat communicator
    • One (1) can of shark repellent
    • Two (2) sound effect signs (POW and BAM)
    • One (1) display base
  • Robin
    • Two (2) head portraits
    • One (1) Bat Shield
    • One (1) batarang
    • One (1) bat communicator
    • Two (2) sound effect signs (POW and BAM)
    • One (1) display base
  • Alfred
    • Two (2) head portraits
    • One (1) display base
  • Catwoman
    • Two (2) head portraits
    • One (1) golden cat statue
    • One (1) tranquilizer dart Cat-Gun
    • One (1) display base
  • The Joker
    • One (1) Joker utility belt
    • One (1) painting frame
    • One (1) display base
  • The Penguin
    • Two (2) head portraits
    • One (1) standard umbrella
    • One (1) umbrella smoke FX
    • One (1) display base
  • The Riddler
    • Two (2) head portraits
    • One (1) staff
    • One (1) money bag
    • One (1) display base

5 Points are Mezco’s upgrade to the articulated action figures of yesteryear. These highly detailed, poseable action figures feature some of pop culture’s most familiar faces, both old and new.

5 Points present: Batman (1966): Deluxe Boxed Set is packaged in a collector-friendly box, designed with collectors in mind.

The 5 Points Batman (1966): Deluxe Boxed Set is available for preorder through Mezco, Entertainment Earth, and more.

Underrated: Batman ’66

This is a column that focuses on something or some things from the comic book sphere of influence that may not get the credit and recognition it deserves. Whether that’s a list of comic book movies, ongoing comics, or a set of stories featuring a certain character. The columns may take the form of a bullet pointed list, or a slightly longer thinkpiece – there’s really no formula for this other than whether the things being covered are Underrated in some way. This week: Batman ’66.

I’m sure you’re aware by now that Adam West passed away last week after a brief battle with leukemia at the age of 88. His death got me thinking about the impact of the show, and the steps it made back in the 60’s that we may over look today in light of the darker direction Batman has taken since. To that extent here are, in my opinion at least, five things about the show that we may overlook – if you think I’ve missed something, you’re right, but I’ll be revisiting this in the future.

  • Adam West’s deadpan delivery.
    I could list so many brilliant one liners that came from Adam West, or I could send you to this page, but two of my favourites are:
    “I wish we could help you, citizen, but we’re just a couple of ordinary crime-fighters going about our mundane business.”
    “Robin: “Where’d you get a live fish, Batman?”
    Batman: “The true crime-fighter always carries everything he needs in his utility belt, Robin.”
    Out of context, I find them even funnier.
  • Pow! Bop! Biff! batman-and-robin-opening-credit2
    The on-screen sound effects were fantastic when we first saw them, and they’ve rightly earned their place in pop culture today. So what are they doing here? It’s the secondary function they served that impressed me the most; by appearing on the screen just before a hit connected, it allowed the actors to be a little safer when fighting each other as they didn’t run the risk of getting a fist to the face. Plus it was one of the best opening credits in any TV show (I still think that it holds up)
  • The show’s influence on the comics.
    I don’t mean the obvious way the tone of the comics changed as a result of the series influence (granted some may not think that was a good thing), but rather the way that the show cemented certain characters as Batman’s core rogues gallery at a time when they weren’t as prevalent in the comics. The Riddler appeared on the television show for the first time in a decade’s absence from the comics, as did Catwoman and Mr. Freeze. Geekscape has an interesting article if you’d like to read more on this.1966+Adam+West+Car.jpg
  • The Batmobile
    Seriously, look at this thing. This is still a fantastic car to this day (you’d drive it. You know you would), but it kick started fandom’s love of having an awesome Batmobile. Do you remember what the Batmobile looked like before the TV show? No. Because it wasn’t that cool.
  • Bill Finger’s last Batman story
    Batman co-creator Bill Finger co-wrote the two part episode “The Clock King’s Crazy Crimes / The Clock King Gets Crowned” for the second season of the show, which aired October 12–13, 1966. It was the last time he wrote a story featuring his creation.
  • The cast
    Would the show have worked without Adam West? Maybe. But when you look at the way he carried himself on the show, his delivery and his physique (he had said numerous times that he didn’t need rubber molding, that was “all Adam West”) then you couldn’t have asked for a better man to have a lasting cultural impact as the Batman. In the past 60 years, no other actor has been viewed in such a synonymous way with the role of the caped crusader (the cynical ones will be saying “well that’s because he didn’t do much else!” And to those I show a swift middle finger. West is a legend). But Adam West wasn’t the only star of the show; I don’t remember a character played by a bad actor on the show. Yes, some of  them may have hammed it up a little, but that’s what the show demanded of them and holy cow did they deliver.

I could go on about this show for days, but this article is due out in half an hour, and I should probably make sure it’s not late.

Pop! Heroes: Batman Classic TV in June

The classic 1960s Batman TV series is coming to Pop! vinyl!

This series features villains Penguin, Mr. Freeze, King Tut, The Riddler, as well as Batgirl to keep the villains from creating havoc!

Look for The Riddler’s chase variant, wearing his question mark suit and bowler hat — it has a rarity of 1 in 6!

Pop! Heroes: Batman Classic TV are out in June from Funko.



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Funko Presents DC Heroes Action Figures this June!

Biff! Pow! Funko‘s new Action Figures: DC Heroes are fully poseable action figures feature nine points of articulation and are 3.75” tall!

This series features classic Batman, Catwoman, Batgirl, King Tut, Mr. Freeze, and Bookworm!

Look for the Mr. Freeze chase – A 1-in-6 rarity!

They are perfect for your collection! Coming this Summer, Action Figures: DC Heroes are out in June.



This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and make a purchase, we’ll receive a percentage of the sale. Graphic Policy does purchase items from this site. Making purchases through these links helps support the site.

Check Out this 1960s Batman TV series and Influenced by Kustom Kulture Art

Cryptozoic Entertainment and DC Entertainment this week are releasing the Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile Statue. 

Based on the iconic version of the Batmobile from the 1960s Batman TV series, the statue is influenced by the animated style of Kustom Kulture art, which emerged out of the 1960s Southern California hot rod scene. The lively interpretation of Batman’s vehicle stands approximately 9 inches tall and is meticulously hand-painted. The high-end collectible was designed by Dennis Jones and sculpted by Stephan Ehl. A limited run of 666 statues will be produced, in honor of the year (1966) the classic series premiered.

Part of Cryptozoic’s new line of collectibles, the Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile Statue will be available at retailers nationwide starting January 18th for a suggested retail price of $125.

The statue is approximately 9 inches tall, hand painted, and based on the Batmobile designed by George Barris and used in the classic 1966-1968 Batman TV series.


Entertainment Earth Spotlight: Batman Classic 1966 TV Series 8-Inch Action Figure Set

Entertainment Earth Exclusive! Slide down your Bat-Pole and get your hands on this limited edition, retro-style action figure collection celebrating the 1966 Batman TV series! The Batman Classic 1966 TV Series 8-Inch Action Figure Set – Entertainment Earth Exclusive features the show’s cast in unique episode-specific outfits you’ve never seen before, with fantastic accessories and 15 points of articulation. Use the Bat-Computer to order yours now!

This set contains 5 individually packaged action figures:
1x Street Tough Leather Jacket Dick Grayson
1x Masked Penguin
1x Utility Belt Joker
1x Smoking Jacket Bruce Wayne
1x Alfred in Apron
(subject to change)

Normally $174.99, the set is 68% off just $56.00!




This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and make a purchase, we’ll receive a percentage of the sale. Graphic Policy does purchase items from this site. Making purchases through these links helps support the site.

Stern Pinball & Ka-Pow Pinball Celebrates 50 Years of Batman ’66

Stern Pinball, Inc. has announced the availability of its highly anticipated Batman ‘66 Anniversary Edition pinball machine.

Stern Pinball is celebrating its 30th year in business and the 50th anniversary of the iconic American TV series with an Anniversary Edition pinball machine featuring the world famous “Dynamic Duo” of Batman and Robin. The game will immerse players in campy fun and heart-pounding action as the crime fighting Dynamic Duo comes to the aid of the Gotham City Police. Throughout the game, Batman and Robin work to deduce clues and discover super villain plots in an effort to thwart evil plans and capture bad guys.  Players are guided through the game by the voices of none other than the original Batman and Robin, Adam West and Burt Ward.

A Hall of Fame pinball development team created the all new Anniversary Edition machine. The project was inspired by Joe Kaminkow of Ka-Pow Pinball and spearheaded by Stern Pinball product development chief, George Gomez, who, along with renowned programmer, Lyman Sheats, brought the game to life.

In addition to the fun title and game experience, the machine features a full-color high definition display replacing the dot matrix display. In conjunction with Stern’s new SPIKE-2 electronic pinball platform, the display enables high definition graphics and innovative animations. This enables the game to feature actual TV footage from the iconic series. The game includes a second high definition display on the playfield as part of an interactive game feature.

The Batman ‘66 Anniversary Edition pinball machine will be available in Premium, Limited Edition, and Super Limited Edition models.  The company has no current plans to produce a Pro model.

In celebration of Stern Pinball’s 30th anniversary and Batman’s 50th anniversary, Stern Pinball will build a Super Limited Edition model. The Super Limited Edition model also includes a one-of-kind art package plus multiple translites, a unique included topper and accessories package, and a high-fidelity 3-channel audio system that is three times more powerful than audio systems of previous generations.  The Super Limited Edition model will be allocated by invitation and through an application process open to pinball collectors. Collectors can apply for a Super Limited Edition model by completing and submitting an application.

The Limited Edition model will be offered in two series of 120 games each. Each game in the first series will be named for one of the 120 episodes of the television show. Each game in the second series will be named for one of the iconic “bat gadgets” used in the series. In total, only 240 Limited Edition machines will be produced.

All purchasers who make a deposit on their game will also receive a VIP invitation to an exclusive “meet and greet” with Batman (Adam West) at the Westin Chicago North Shore Hotel in Wheeling, Illinois during the weekend of Chicago’s Pinball Expo.

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price:

Premium Model: US $8,599

Limited Edition Model: US $9,999

Super Limited Edition Model: US $14,999

The Premium and Limited Edition models of the Batman ‘66 Anniversary Edition pinball game will be available through authorized Stern Pinball distributors and dealers around the world. The Super Limited Edition model will be available direct from Stern Pinball.

Check out the imates below of the machine.

Coming Soon from Diamond Select Toys: Deadpool, Jessica Jones & Alice Through the Looking Glass!

It’s June, and the new issue of Previews has a vast array of new items from Diamond Select Toys! Feast your eyes on new items from Marvel Comics, the Doctor Strange movie, Ghostbusters, Alice Through the Looking Glass, the Batman Classic TV Series, Batman: The Animated Series, iZombie, Lost in Space, Predator, Mallrats and the Nightmare Before Christmas! They’re all due out later this year!

Alice Through the Looking Glass Vinimates Vinyl Figures

A Diamond Select Toys release! Off with their heads! The newest movie to join the Vinimates revolution is Alice Through the Looking Glass! Four characters from the much-anticipated sequel – Alice, Mad Hatter, Red Queen and new villain Time – are now part of the Vinimates vinyl-figure army. Each 4-inch PVC figure is sculpted in the Minimates block-figure style, and pre-posed to display their personality. Plus, with their ball-jointed necks, you can add additional attitude to each already perfect pose! Each Vinimate is packaged in a full-color window box.

Alice Vinimate (Item #JUN162363, SRP: $9.99)

Mad Hatter Vinimate (Item #JUN162364, SRP: $9.99)

Red Queen Vinimate (Item #JUN162365, SRP: $9.99)

Time Vinimate (Item #JUN162366, SRP: $9.99)

AliceHatterVinimate AliceVinimates AliceVinimate AliceTImeVinimate AliceRedQueenVinimate

Alice Through the Looking Glass Gallery PVC Figures

A Diamond Select Toys release! Gallery figures just went through the looking glass! Based on the new big-screen sequel to Alice in Wonderland, Alice Kingsleigh and the Mad Hatter are now featured in the hot new Gallery figure line from DST, capturing heroes and heroines from the world of pop culture as 9-inch scale PVC statues! Each 9-inch figure features high-quality paint applications, and each stands atop a sculpted base made out of clock gears – interlock the two bases to form one combined diorama! Each figure comes packaged in a full-color window box. Sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios!

Alice Gallery Figure (Item #JUN162362, SRP: $45.00)

Mad Hatter Gallery Figure (Item #JUN162361, SRP: $45.00)

AliceGalleryPVCFigures AliceGalleryPVC AliceGalleryHatterPVC

Batman Classic TV Series Shakespeare Bust Vinyl Bank

A Diamond Select Toys release! Quick, to the Bat-poles! Okay, so you haven’t installed those Bat-poles yet, but if you keep your spare change in this vinyl bank, you’ll save up for them in no time! Based on the bust of Shakespeare that unlocked the moving bookcase in the Batman Classic TV Series, this 20-inch tall vinyl bank features a working neck hinge, so you can tilt the head back to reveal a dial and button, as well as a real, working coin slot! With a coin access door hidden in the base, no one will suspect that this realistically painted bust is secretly a bank, or that you’re secretly Batman. Packaged in a full-color box. Sculpted by Paul Harding! (Item # JUN162388, SRP: $85.00)

ShakespeareBustBankOpen1 ShakespeareBustBank1

Batman The Animated Series Gallery Zatanna PVC Figure

A Diamond Select Toys release! The sorceress of the DC Universe is the next DC Animated Gallery PVC figure! Based on her appearance in Batman: The Animated Series, this sculpture depicts stage magician and genuine magic-user Zatanna Zatara posed as if in the middle of a performance, on a stage base, pulling a bat out of her hat. This 9-inch scale figure is cast in PVC plastic and features high-quality paint applications, and is in scale to all Gallery and Femme Fatales figures. Packaged in a full-color window box. Sculpted by Varner Studios. (Item #JUN162389, SRP: $45.00)


Batman The Animated Series Joker Metal Bottle Opener

A Diamond Select Toys release! You’ll be laughing all the way to the fridge with this fully sculpted bottle opener of the Joker himself! Based on his appearance in Batman: The Animated Series, this solid metal rendition of the Clown Prince of Crime measures approximately 4.5 inches tall, and removes bottlecaps with the greatest of ease. Plus, magnets on the back keep him stuck to your Bat-fridge so you can nab him whenever you want! Packaged in a full-color slipcase. (Item # JUN162391, SRP: $18.00)


Batman The Animated Series Scarecrow Resin Bust

A Diamond Select Toys release! What frightens the Dark Knight? The Scarecrow knows! Thanks to the Scarecrow’s fear gas, Dr. Jonathan Crane is one of the few foes in Batman’s rogues gallery who can strike fear in the heart of the caped crusader. This approximately 6” resin bust is based on the Scarecrow’s appearance in Batman The Animated Series, and sits atop a pedestal inspired by the show’s art-deco architecture. Limited to only 3,000 pieces, it is packaged with a certificate of authenticity, and comes in a full color box. Sculpted by Varner Studios! (Item #JUN162390, SRP: $59.99)


Ghostbusters Classic Movie Vinimates Vinyl Figures

A Diamond Select Toys release! The boys are back! As we count down to the new Ghostbusters movie, love for the originals is at an all-time high, and this new line of Vinimates vinyl figures is unlike any Ghostbusters toy line that’s come before! Captured in their iconic ghostbusting poses from the original poster, these 4-inch PVC figures of Peter Venkman, Ray Stanz, Egon Spengler and Winston Zeddemore are sculpted in the Minimates block-figure style, and feature ball-jointed necks so you can modify their poses. Each Vinimate comes packaged in a full-color window box.

Peter Venkman Vinimate (Item #JUN162367, SRP: $9.99)

Ray Stanz Vinimate (Item #JUN162368, SRP: $9.99)

Egon Spengler Vinimate (Item #JUN162369, SRP: $9.99)

Winston Zeddemore Vinimate (Item #JUN162370, SRP: $9.99)

GBVEgon GhostbustersClassicVinimates GBVWinston GBVRay GBVPeter

iZombie Reelware Max Rager Pint Glass

A Diamond Select Toys release! Get ready for your next iZombie viewing party with this Max Rager pint glass! Inspired by the hit CW TV show iZombie, this pint glass features the official logo of the famous energy drink that is one of the leading causes of zombie-ism. Humans and zombies can come together and rage in the best way possible when they’re both drinking out of a Max Rager glass! Packaged in a full-color window box. (Item #JUN162384, SRP: $10.99)


Lost in Space B9 Robot Vinimates Vinyl Figure

A Diamond Select Toys release! Danger, Will Robinson! The Vinimates line is expanding at an alarming rate! Based on the classic TV series Lost in Space, this 4-inch Vinimates Vinyl Figure depicts the robot B9 in the style of a Minimates block figure, but in alarmed, arms-raised pose, as if warning your other Vinimates of imminent doom. Figure is cast in PVC plastic, with detailed paint applications. Packaged in a full-color window box.

(Item #JUN162377, SRP: $9.99)


Mallrats Select Action Figures Series 1 Asst.

A Diamond Select Toys release! They’re not here to shop, they’re not here to work, they’re just here! Finally, after 22 years, fully poseable action figures of the cast of Kevin Smith’s sophomore(ic) masterpiece Mallrats have arrived! Jay and Brody are the first two in the series, each with character-specific accessories – sock full of quarters and baseball bat for Jay; chocolate pretzel and giant cookie for Brody – as well as diorama bases depicting different stores in the mall! Each figure features approximately 16 points of articulation and the actor’s likeness. Packaged in display-ready Select packaging, with spine artwork for shelf reference. Sculpted by Patrick Piggott! (Item #JUN162385, SRP: $149.94/case)

Jay Figure (Item #JUN162386, SRP: $24.99)

Brody Figure (Item #JUN162387, SRP: $24.99)

MallratsBrodieFigure MallratsJayFigure

Marvel Gallery Deadpool PVC Figure

A Diamond Select Toys release! The Merc With a Mouth is now a Merc of Art! Joining the Marvel Gallery line of figures, Deadpool leaps from an explosion, wielding twin katanas, to become the latest dynamic display piece to spring out of the Gallery series! Cast in PVC plastic with high-quality paint applications, Deadpool joins Lady Deadpool, Captain Marvel, Thor, and Ant-Man in the 9-inch scale figure line, and is in scale to all Gallery and Femme Fatales figures. Packaged in a full-color window box. Sculpted by Jean St. Jean! (Item #JUN162394, SRP: $45.00)


Marvel Minimates Jessica Jones TV Series 1 Box Set

A Diamond Select Toys release! Return to the world of private investigator Jessica Jones in this Minimates mini-figure box set based on the hit Netflix TV series! Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Trish Walker and Kilgrave each stand 2 inches tall and feature 14 points of articulation. Plus, each character comes with removable jackets and alternate parts, including arms and a screaming Kilgrave head, as well as accessories like smartphones, a laptop and Chinese takeout! Includes four display stands. Packaged in a full-color window box. (Item #JUN162392, SRP: $24.99)


Marvel Minimates Series 69: Most Wanted 2-Pack Asst.

A Diamond Select Toys release! After 13 years, the Marvel Minimates line has amassed one of the widest arrays of characters of any collectible toy line. But there are still characters in the Marvel Universe left to make! For Series 69, DST has selected frequently-demanded characters to make up one of the most fan-favorited series in history! Black Knight and Enchantress each make their Minimates debut, and our first-ever Tigra teams up with a Classic Falcon. Then, Iron Man foe Blizzard II takes on an armored SHIELD Mandroid, while a rare, one-per-case set pits the original Blizzard I against that same Mandroid! Each 2-inch Minimates mini-figure features up to 14 points of articulation and fully interchangeable parts, and each two-pack is packaged in a full-color window box. (Item #JUN162395, SRP: $9.99)/ea.


Marvel Select Doctor Strange Movie Action Figure

A Diamond Select Toys release! The Sorcerer Supreme and soon-to-be-cinematic superstar is the next Marvel Select masterpiece! This 7-inch action figure depicts Dr. Stephen Strange as he appears in the upcoming Marvel feature film, with a screen-accurate costume and the likeness of actor Benedict Cumberbatch. The figure features 16 points of articulation, and comes with a diorama-style base capturing an environment from the film. Packaged in the display-ready Select packaging, with spine artwork for shelf reference. Sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios! (Item #JUN162396 , SRP: $24.99)


Marvel Deadpool Deluxe Glue Model Kit

A Diamond Select Toys release! It’s time to make your own Merc, with the first official do-it-yourself model kit of Deadpool! Standing approximately 8 inches tall, this detailed sculpture of Deadpool depicts him standing on a battlefield littered with unexploded bombs, and includes an alternate head so you can display him masked or unmasked. The plastic parts come unpainted — you paint and assemble them yourself with glue, so you decide how the final piece will look! Comes packaged in a full-color box; paint and glue not included. Sculpted by Paul Harding! (Item #JUN162393, $34.99)


Nightmare Before Christmas Vinimates Vinyl Figures

A Diamond Select Toys release! Vinimates are the gifts that keep on giving! The Nightmare Before Christmas makes its grand entrance to the Vinimates vinyl figure format with four main characters – Jack, Sally, Oogie Boogie and the Mayor! Sculpted in the style of a Minimates mini-figure, each 4-inch PVC figure strikes a dynamic pose, and features a ball-jointed neck to further customize each pose. Each Vinimate is packaged in a full-color window box.

Jack Skellington Vinimate (Item #JUN162371, SRP: $9.99)

Sally Vinimate (Item #JUN162372 SRP: $9.99)

Oogie Boogie Vinimate (Item #JUN162373, SRP: $9.99)

Mayor Vinimate (Item #JUN162374, SRP: $9.99)


Predator Movie Vinimates Vinyl Figures

A Diamond Select Toys release! The hunt is on! Inspired by the 1987 action classic Predator, these two new Vinimates vinyl figures capture the hunter and the prey in the new 4-inch scale! Sculpted in the style of a Minimates block figure, these Vinimates of Dutch and the Predator each strike a pose straight out of the film, with ball-jointed necks to further customize your display. Each comes packaged in a full-color window box.

Predator Vinimate (Item #JUN162375, SRP: $9.99)

Dutch Vinimate (Item #JUN162376, SRP: $9.99)

PredatorVinimatesPred PredatorVinimatesDutch PredatorVinimates

LEGO Reveals Batman ’66 Batcave

The first episode of the classic Batman television series debuted, January 12, 1966. In honor of this day, and the 50 years that has passed, LEGO has announced the Batman Classic TV Series Batcave! The set will be available in March.

The set includes a bit of Wayne Manor that allows you to descend into the Batcave which houses the Batmobile, Batcopter, and Batcycle. Minifis include Batman, Bruce Wayne, Robin, Dick Grayson, Alfred Pennyworth, Catwoman, Joker, Penguin, and the Riddler, all in their classic look.

There’s tons of small details that capture the classic television show.

The 2,500 piece set will retail for $269.99.

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