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Based on No Sources, Rumors Begin About a Gotham Central Type Television Show

rumorsAbout 14 hours ago ThinkMcFly posted an article with the rumor that a television show is in the works based in the Nolan Batman universe that would focus on the Gotham police department. There were no sources cited or evidence given.

Not much is known about the project but Jonah Nolan is said to be playing a role similar to what Marc Guggenheim is owning on Arrow and Greg Berlanti is set to do on Flash. There is no word on what network the show could possibly be featured on but logic would indicate that CW would be a likely destination.

The lack of source didn’t stop the internet from treating this as fact and articles popped up here, here, here, here and numerous boards. Many of those swiping the header image that appeared in the original source. Few acknowledged there is no evidence this is the case or it is being worked on. Online journalism has turned into one bad game of telephone.

DC has previously worked on such a television series and did produce the excellent comic series Gotham Central.

We’ve reached out to our contacts at DC Entertainment to see if there’s any truth to the, fantastical rumor.

Update: Bleeding Cool reported on and squashed this rumor in late July.

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