Red Sonja #1 First Printing by Gail Simone Sells Out

It doesn’t hit shelves until next Wednesday, but Dynamite has announced that Diamond Comic Distributors has sold through the entire 35,000 print run of Red Sonja #1‘s first printing prior to the store release date of July 17th.  Bolstered by enthusiasm from dedicated fans, the successful Red Sonja relaunch — written by Gail Simone and featuring artwork by Walter Geovani — can still be enjoyed by consumers thanks to an upcoming Second Printing featuring variant artwork by Jenny Frison.

The Red Sonja #1 First Printing celebrated its launch with a wide selection of variant covers illustrated by many of the industry’s top female artists, including Nicola Scott, Amanda Conner, Fiona Staples, Jenny Frison, Colleen Doran, and Stephanie Buscema.  Special retailer exclusives (Midtown, Mile High, and the Phantom Retailers) featured artwork from Nei Ruffino, Mariah Benes, and Agnes Gabowska respectively.

Dynamite has made its Second Printing available for retailer orders immediately through Diamond Comic Distributors.  Retailers can place orders use the Diamond item code MAY138378.