IDW brings Khan to Comics

STARTREK2_Khan01_CovAThis October, Star Trek: Khan will show intrepid readers just how the master villain of Star Trek Into Darkness became the intergalactic menace seen in the blockbuster film. Over six thrilling issues, Khan’s secrets will be unlocked and the origin of evil will finally be uncovered.

Helmed by the veteran Star Trek team of writer Mike Johnson and artist Claudia Balboni, the series will be overseen by the film’s screenwriter, Roberto Orci.

The series shows Khan’s rise to power and will delve into the legendary Eugenics Wars. As the series unfolds we will see the events that led to Khan leaving Earth aboard the Botany Bay, and then jump forward to witness his awakening in the future by Admiral Marcus.

In addition to Khan, the only place to continue the epic story of J.J AbramsStar Trek film universe is in the pages of IDW Publishing’s ongoing Star Trek series. Also available is the collection of Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness, the exclusive prequel mini-series leading into the hit film.

If that weren’t enough, the full run of the Star Trek ongoing series has been filled with “Easter eggs” leading in to the new film! Fans without possession of a secret-unlocking tricorder are urged to pore over the first twenty issues of Star Trek.

The ongoing missions of the starship Enterprise continue throughout the year, only from IDW!

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  • I’ve liked IDW’s Trek comics of late, most especially their TNG stuff, and hopefully this Khan series puts the movie into better perspective, because I was not a fan of co-opting ST:OS Khan into this new, suped up version.