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Geoff Johns Explains The Story Behind Trinity War

Trinity War is upon us! Today, DC Comics‘ summer event kicks off with Justice League #22. What happens when the Justice League, the Justice League of America and the Justice League Dark all go into battle with one another? Who’s who in the Justice League?

You have questions – and DC has some answers from the man behind “Trinity War” – Geoff Johns!

DC Entertainment’s Chief Creative Officer and the writer of Justice League and Justice League of America breaks down the basics on Trinity War, the three Justice Leagues and how this summer’s epic event leads into September’s villain-centric Forever Evil. The video serves as the definitive crash course on all things Justice League, Trinity War and The New 52 before you head to comic shops to pick up part one of Trinity War.

For fans who’ll be attending San Diego Comic Con this year, you’ll be able to check out this video at the DC Entertainment booth throughout the duration of the convention!

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  • Watched this late last night and was pleased. Geoff Johns is one of my favorite creators, and to think, he only wanted to do comics writing on the side… In any case, this definitely put Forever Evil into perspective and today’s JL #22 should be awesome.