Picks of the Week: Occupy Comics #1 and 9 Other Solid Choices

OccupyComics-coverA_600pxStarted off in what seems forever ago, Occupy Comics initially started off as a Kickstarter project, it is now seeing print thanks to Black Mask Studios. An anthology, the comic was as political as they come and channeled the dissatisfaction with the status-quo represented by the Occupy Movement. The comics boast an impressive line-up of creators like Alan Moore, David Lloyd, Charlie Adlard, Art Spiegelman, Molly Crabapple, Matt Bors, Mike Allred, Ben Templesmith, J.M. DeMatteis, Tyler Crook, Joshua Hale Fialkov, Joe Infurnari, Ales Kot, Dean Haspiel, Joshua Dysart and Matt Pizzolo.

Each contribution is thought-provoking and entertaining and shockingly non-partisan. This is a perfect marriage of comics and politics. How could it not be this week’s pick? All revenue received by organizers/creators (past hard costs) will be donated to various Occupy-related initiatives.

Check out below for our other 9 choices in alphabetical order.

  • Occupy Comics #1 – see above
  • The Activity #13 – The beginning of the third volume! After the stunning events in Minneapolis, the team is on stand-down pending an investigation. A call from one of Switchfoot’s friends in the Israeli Defense Force, however, turns into an unsanctioned mission with dire consequences. Meanwhile, there is trouble at Fort Belvoir.
  • The Bounce #1 – Meet the ultimate slacker superhero for the 21st Century! Jasper Jenkins is a super-head AND a super-hero! He’s relatable AND reliable and he’s embarking on the adventure of a lifetime! The sensational debut of the new feel-good hero of the decade! You can’t afford to miss it!
  • Green Lantern #20 – This is the end of Geoff Johns’ epic run.
  • The Green Team #1 – The other half of DC’s politically tinged comics. We’ll see what this one holds.
  • Half Past Danger #1 – DAMES. DINOSAURS. DANGER. Summer, 1943, and in the midst of a war waged by monsters, Staff Sergeant Tommy ‘Irish’ Flynn never expected to encounter a real one. But on a remote island in the South Pacific, Flynn and his squad come face-to-fanged-face with creatures long thought dead.
  • The Massive #12 – The best comic on the market. Why aren’t you reading this!?
  • Mind MGMT #11 – Matt Kindt’s trippy spy comic whose visuals are as amazing as the writing.
  • Revival #10 – Forget that other comic featuring the walking dead, this is the one you want to read.
  • Superior Spider-Man #10 – Last issue was a big moment. We’ll see where Dan Slott takes us from there in the next step of his controversial Spider-Man run.