Updated: Graphic Policy Radio Returns Tonight!

GP Radio pic MondayWe took some time off, but Graphic Policy Radio is back this Monday for the latest episode of comics and politics geekiness.

We’ve got a lot to catch up on but some of the topics we’re discussing are:

  • It’s cool to kill kids again in comics. We discuss the death of the latest Robin and other kids being offed.
  • Is Mutant a four (ok six) letter word? We talk about Uncanny Avengers and Havok’s declaration.
  • There was rumors about the death of Green Lantern John Stewart, but those plans were publicly denied. We talk killing off the beloved character.
  • Our favorite recent reads and recommendations for comic fans!

Tune in, call (619) 768-2952 to chat or chat with us on Twitter, @graphicpolicy!

Update: With today’s tragic events in Boston, the show will return this Tuesday, April 16 instead.