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Marvel’s SXSW Announcements

Marvel brought quite a few announcements to South By Southwest yesterday, finally revealing all the teasers they’ve released over the past few weeks.

What is Project Gamma?

ProjectGammaRLaunching later this year with a Marvel event that will be announced soon, Project Gamma pushes Marvel marriage of technology and comics. Project Gamma is an immersive experience that brings together music, sound with digital comics to create an audio-visual combination.

Audio tailor’s itself to the individual’s reading behavior, no matter how long they stay on pages. It’s a further move into the motion comics we’ve seen other companies invest in.

As Project Gamma rolls out and readers experience it for the first time, they will also find the music to be both original and, in some cases, linked to characters.

Marvel Infinite Comics

Further investing in digital, Marvel has announced they’ve expanded their Infinite Comics initiative. Four leading Marvel characters will receive their own 13-part, weekly Infinite Comic story, totaling up to 52 weeks of new Infinite Comics, one released every Tuesday. Wolverine: Japan’s Most Wanted kicks off the program, written by Jason Aaron and Jason Latour, with art by Paco Diaz. The latest Wolverine epic begins on July 9, providing a perfect jumping on point for anyone who enjoys this summer’s film.

These comics are IN continuity, making them more interesting.

Marvel #1’s

marvel #1In an absolute headache for those managing technical infrastructure, Marvel announced they’re releasing over 700 first issues for FREE! Those issues span the length and breadth of the company’s history at no charge.

This special promotion begins Sunday March 10 and runs until 11PM Eastern Time on Tuesday, March 12 as free downloads via the Marvel Comics app and Marvel Comics Digital Comics Shop.