Preview – Evil Ernie #3


32 pages FC  •  $3.99  •  Teen +
Written by Jesse Blaze Snider 
Art by Jason Craig
Covers by Ardian Syaf (25%), Dan Brereton (25%), Kyle Hotz (25%), Stephen Segovia (25%)
Fans, ask your retailer for these variant incentive covers!
• Hotz “chaotic green art” cover retailer incentive
• Brereton “virgin art” art cover retailer incentive
• Syaf black & white art cover retailer incentive

ORIGIN OF EVIL PART 3!  It’s Ernie versus Widmark Prison’s gen pop in a battle to the death, but Ernie’s powers are running low – how will he survive?! Plus, Ernie comes face to face with his wicked foster father, Buford for the first time since his transformation! Will it be the last? Also, Uriel, the angel in charge of people’s destinies comes down from Heaven to tell Ernie what’s what and Smiley doesn’t like it one bit!


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