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Review – Dark Horse’s Conan #9, The Massive #5

Conan #9

Conan is in Cimmeria, hunting the man who is also calling himself “Conan” and destroying lands, giving him a bad name. The issue is the third part of the Border Fury storyline. The issue really continues the point of showing the differences between Conan and his companion Belit, who still struggles in the Northern lands.

The action is strong, the art fantastic. There’s a rawness to this issue showing a fierceness of the main character. But it’s the focus on the character that’s interesting. That’s the point of this storyline. Hell the conclusion to the villain is quick and swift, almost rushed. But instead we learn more of Conan’s past, how much of a dick he was when he was younger and how his ways have hurt others. Belit on the other hand learns she’s not the fierce Queen she is in her lands.

Both characters are humbled in a way and shown their weaknesses, showing a depth and character I wasn’t expecting in a Conan series, but expect in a comic written by Brian Wood. Just an amazing mix of action with a focus on character development.

Story: Brian Wood Art: Vasilis Lolos

Story: 8.5 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Buy

The Massive #5

The Massive is without a doubt, one of the best comics on the market. Each month, I’ve looked forward to a new issue and as soon as I’m done, wanted to read the next issue. Mixing action, mystery, interesting characters, a developed world along with a political message that’s not beaten over your head, the series is so damn good.

This issue deals with supplies. In a world ravaged by environmental disasters, it’s not oil that’s in short supply, it’s fresh water. That leads the team to a far off station abandoned by it’s creators and action that leaves you tense. There were scenes in this comic that I tightened my toes digging into my shoes. It was tense, very tense.

And through that action, there’s again that character development I expect from a book written by Brian Wood. In small exchanges we learn more about characters and their views than are laid out in long diatribes in other comics. It’s that focus that’s present through the comic. The art by Garry Brown just ads to it all, fleshing out this mysterious and dangerous world.

Add in small details at the end of the comic that reveal what’s happened, this series is quickly becoming one of my favorite comics of the year.

Story: Brian Wood Art: Garry Brown

Story: 10 Art: 9 Overall: 9.5 Recommendation: Buy

Dark Horse provided Graphic Policy with FREE copies for review