Preview – Executive Assistant: The Hit List Agenda TPB


Vince Hernandez; Scott Lobdell; Marc Andreyko – Story / Oliver Nome; Micah Gunnell; Pop Mhan – Art / Emilio Lopez; David Curiel; John Starr – Colors

The Hit List Agenda returns with its sites set on you!

Aspen’s sold-out summer crossover event is finally packaged together in one masterpiece collection for Executive Assistant fans! Join Lotus, Orchid and Violet in their own respective journeys as the “Hit List Agenda” storyline binds them all together to eventually face the global threat of corporate mastermind Duncan Villone and his massive network of power and corruption. Featuring the talents of over a dozen of the industry’s top artists and creators, this pulse-pounding storyline sets the stage for the acclaimed second volume of Executive Assistant: Iris! Don’t miss out!

EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT: THE HIT LIST AGENDA TPB is in stores October 10th, 2012!

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