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Fighting Lion Comics Launches with Brik Jones and Human: Oceanic

Fighting Lion Comics is a new comic book print and web publisher which launched recently at Stan Lee’s Comikaze convention. They’re now launching their  first title Brik Jones: Attorney For Earth with a limited edition Ashcan comic book written by Phil Smith and illustrated by Sid Kotian.

Brik Jones is slated for 5 issues and is in the process of becoming a print and web comic. Issues will be sold periodically as they are completed. The Fighting Lion Comics website will act as part production blog and part webcomic showing off the series as it progresses.

Who is Brik Jones? The character is the Interstellar appointed Attorney for Earth. The Ashcan story, “The Case of Case number 69” is more of a “day in the life” type of story told well after the classic comics style origin story. The Origin Story? That will be forthcoming in future installments via web and print. At this time we are securing an artist for the first 5 issue arc. Sid had time in his schedule between bookings to do this installment for which I am very grateful!

Following the success of the launch at Stan Lee’s Comikaze Fighting Lion Comics is looking to kick off the limited series. The publisher is currently looking for an artist to commit to the series for the first 5 issues.

Fighting Lion Comics has also launched a Kickstarter campaign for Human: Oceanic a 160 page, digest sized, hard cover with dust jacket. The graphic novel is written by Phil Smith and illustrated by J.K. Woodward.

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