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The British Embassy Joins Forces with the Baltimore Comic-Con to Celebrate ‘The British Invasion’

2012 is Great Britain Comic-Con With so many British creators lined up for Baltimore Comic Con, it’s not a surprise (but might be a first for any convention) that the British Embassy will also be present at the show. The British Embassy in Washington will be celebrating the “British Invasion” theme at this weekend’s convention by showcasing what is great about the comic book, science-fiction, and creative industries in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The UK has the largest creative sector per head in the world, and British artists have excelled in the areas of music, computer games, fine art, and film, and it’s showing at this convention with so many British comic creators attending as well as Scottish comic book artist Frank Quitely and Northern Irish writer Garth Ennis. Embassy posts have numerous roles including political, commercial, security and economic issues, but also promoting their citizens and country in their host nation.

The team from the British Embassy will be exhibiting in the lobby of the Baltimore Comic-Con, and its booth will feature images of characters portrayed during the long history of creativity in the UK – from the early days of Doctor Who to the present, to Game of Thrones and British contributions to American creative arts. So not only do you get to check out some of your favorite comic creators but you can also get a bit of an education by experiencing why Creativity is great in the UK and to take a fresh look at the longstanding British Invasion of American comics.

James Barbour, Press Secretary, British Embassy commented:

Comic books have long been a part of our culture. We are thrilled that a “British Invasion” theme was chosen for this year’s Baltimore Comic-Con, adding to the excitement that the Queen’s Jubilee and the London Olympics have brought to the UK this year. Spider-Man, which was one of my favourite comics growing up, is currently and has previously been drawn by British artists, adding to the celebration of American and British comics this weekend.

In the 1980s, a number of British writers and artists started producing work for American comics and brought a fresh take that appealed to fans and critics alike. This has been coined the ‘British Invasion’. British creativity in the industry is kept alive today by creators including Brian Bolland, Mark Buckingham, and Barry Kitson. All three will speak on a panel themed around the ‘British Invasion.’

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