Millar and McNiven’s Nemesis Returns in 2013

Millarworld Ltd., have announced that they will reschedule the release of Nemesis Returns, by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven. From the release explaining the rescheduling:

Both Millar and McNiven are committed to ensuring the new series hits a regular schedule and with the new launch date, fans worldwide can expect an experience like they never thought possible! In order to help facilitate the timeliness of the Nemesis Returns, Steve has teamed up with two exciting new talents and opened a new studio endeavor, Carbon Sun Studios.

“Nemesis means a lot to me and I want it to be the best of my stuff out there,” said McNiven. “I want it done right, and we’ll make sure Nemesis gets his due.”

Millar adds, “Did I mention that the series opens with a car driving out of an airplane and landing in a swimming pool?”

Nemesis Returns is a follow-up to Millar and McNiven’s 2009-2010 series Nemesis.

Written by MARK MILLAR
Art & Cover by STEVE MCNIVEN