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Kickstarter Spotlight – No Enemy, But Peace

We’re coming up on the last few hours for Kickstarter project, No Enemy, But Peace and I wanted to make sure to spotlight it again. No Enemy, But Peace is the true story of Marco Martinez, a former gang-banger who found his true calling as a rifleman in the Marines.

When his friend and squad leader, Corporal Timothy Tardif is injured during their first firefight, Martinez rallies his embattled squad while single-handedly taking down a bunker full of jihadists. Written by Richard C. Meyer, who served in the same unit as Martinez and who was present during the battle, this is the first comic book produced by Iraq War veterans about the war itself.

But why this project is being put together really caught me.

Shortly after the battle, when my friends who had been in the thick of the fight told me of the heroics of Martinez, Tardif and the others, I was shocked, astounded and deeply proud to be in the company of these Marines. When I returned to the States after finishing my deployment to Iraq, I was equally shocked and astounded that no one had heard of the incredible bravery exhibited that day. To the rest of the world, it was as if that battle simply never happened.

But bravery matters. Loyalty matters. Tales like this should not be forgotten. So I am determined that as many people as possible know this story. To that end, we will attempt to get these book placed in schools, libraries, and museums (a copy of the original black-and-white version of NEBP is archived at the Marine Corps Museum). Additionally, we will sell them online and in bookstores.

The goal is to get the comic out and published by the tenth anniversary of the battle that occurred on April 12, 2003, but most pledges look like they’ll be fulfilled in the next few months.

Best Pledge: $25 – there’s two versions, one you get the original black and white version signed with a sketch or the new color version of the book plus the original black and white.

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