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IndieGoGo Spotlight – Harpy Horror VS. Robot Thriller – Graphic Novel Showdown!

In a twist to the crowd funding experience Kara Barrett, writer of the indie series The End Is Totally Nigh, has launched a new fundraiser page for her upcoming graphic novel project. Not only is she offering a rewards like printed books and posters, but she is also providing a unique incentive and offering “votes” for each dollar contributed. Barrett is pitching two different concepts for her 45 page graphic novel and is allowing the public to decide which concept gets created. The more backers contribute, the more votes they receive. When the online fundraiser is over, the winning concept is the one that will be published.

One story is a sci-fi thriller involving a futuristic world where robots infiltrate every part of life and the other is a modern day horror story about a woman who is unexpectedly turned into a mythological beast. The project page features short previews for each book and a synopsis of each concept. Contributors can sample both and then decide which one they prefer.

Said Barrett:

I knew I wanted to make both of these books, but I could only hope to have the resources to make one of them. I love both stories and I decided that I would let the people contributing to this book decide which one they wanted to read the most. I think no matter which one gets created, the readers will be pleased with the final product.

Contributors can donate as little $5 dollars or as much as $500. The rewards include signed copies of the limited edition first printing of the book, posters, character sketches and cameo illustrations. There are also 3 special reward tiers created for aspiring comic artists, comic enthusiasts/bloggers and resellers. Artists can contribute $50 and have a pinup featured in the book, limited to 15. Comic lovers and bloggers can get signed scripts and an advanced preview of part one of the book along with author interviews. For resellers, there is an option to receive signed books with prints. Perfect for small comic book shops and online retailers.

The fundraiser will last 30 days and all the funds collected will go toward paying for professional artwork, editing and lettering.

You can pledge now.

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