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SDCC 2012 – IDW Blasts Off to the Wild Blue Yonder

[Wild Blue Yonder Image]IDW Publishing has announced a brand-new creator-owned miniseries from creators Mike Raicht, Zach Howard, and Austin Harrison featuring color by Nelson Daniel. When land and sea have become deadly and uninhabitable, the intrepid survivors of ecological disaster must take to the skies; to the Wild Blue Yonder.

In a wildly imaginative take on the post-apocalyptic thriller, Raicht, Howard and Harrison have created an eye-popping world of flying machines, massive, makeshift fortresses and a desperate war among the dwindling population left to the scarce resources on land. As mankind has become accustomed to the reality of a prosperous life only existing in sky bound territory, a desperate war has broken out for control and survival on the ground and high above it.

Clashing factions fight tooth and nail with primitive weapons in a thrilling, high-stakes world of tightly-knit families and deeply realized characters, all cobbling together a life in a world beyond imagination.

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