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Archaia Announces Two New Digital-First Titles

Archaia Entertainment has announced two new titles to add to their digital-first partnership with comiXology, Space: 1999: Aftershock and Awe and Mumbai Confidential.

Space: 1999: Aftershock and Awe is the first in a series of hardcover graphic novels based on the late 1970s television show. Written by Drew Gaska with art by David Hueso, Gray Morrow and Miki, the comics are a reintroduction to modern audiences.

The new title reignites this classic property about an atomic accident that sends the moon hurtling out of Earth’s orbit and into deep space. The story begins in Awe, which adapts the pilot episode of SPACE: 1999, “Breakaway,” as seen through the personal logs of Commander John Koenig and Professor Victor Bergman on Moonbase Alpha, expanded to include both new and unfilmed material, and utilizing the remastered art of comics legend Gray Morrow as a basis for this revolutionary retelling of a sci-fi classic. Future digital single issues will continue the story as Aftershock explores the social, political, and environmental impact of this disaster on Earth itself.

Mumbai Confidential is a gritty crime noir with an authentic Indian twist, written by Saurav Mohapatra and painted by Vivek Shinde.

When a grief-stricken bad-cop is the victim of a hit-and-run that also claims the life of a street urchin, he goes off on a mission on his own to discover the identity of the driver. But when the driver turns out to be an over-the-hill, Bollywood B-Movie actor, he finds himself in direct confrontation with his ex-colleagues, who are now de factor gangsters in uniform who use the actors’ movies to launder their money. The digital single issues of Mumbai will feature exclusive, digital-only side stories and editorials from well-known comic luminaries not included in the print edition.

The first chapters of both are available today on comiXology. Both hardcover collected volumes will be available later this year and early 2013, respectively, but the monthly digital releases will debut this week on the comiXology platform — available across iPhone, iPad , Android, Kindle Fire, and the Web.

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