Jean Grey Returns?

In the lead up to San Diego Comic-Con 2012, Entertainment Weekly got the exclusive Marvel news that it looks like Jean Grey will be back in the Marvel universe post Avengers Vs. X-Men.  The details are nil, but the site says:

Yes, this is Jean Grey — as in, the Jean Grey who’s been absent from Marvel Comics ever since dying for a second time back in the mid-’00s. And yes, she is modeling her vintage blue-and-yellow X-Men outfit from her Marvel Girl days. Does this mean that the fan-favorite character is finally returning? We can only confirm that her presence in the Marvel Universe will not be imaginary. This will not be part of the Ultimate line-up. She will not be a zombie hologram, like Shard on X-Factor. What could this all mean? Check back tomorrow, when all the secrets will be revealed. (Or some of them, anyhow.)

So, I guess I’ll be checking EW tomorrow, don’t know about you.