FLASH! AH AHHHH! and More From Ardden

Ardden Entertainment is excited to announce that two Flash Gordon books hit comic stores today!  The first is an all-new, all-exciting tale, Flash Gordon: The Vengeance of Ming, in which the evil despot of Mongo attacks Earth!  And if you’re wondering why Ming is so pissed off, you can check out the collected edition of Flash Gordon: Invasion of The Red Sword, in which Earth forces invade Mongo!  There’s a whole lotta invading goin’ on!  These titles lead up to Ardden’s final Flash Gordon story, King Of  The Impossible, which will be out in a couple of months.

There’s a lot of other exciting stuff going on at Ardden, including the continued roll out of the Atlas line of superstars and the recent release of Mix Tape #1, a love letter to indie rock of the 1990s and a book that has garnered incredible critical praise.  You can find out about this and more, all at www.Ardden-Entertainment.com and www.Atlas-Comics.com

Ardden jas another new series, The Devil Is Due In Dreary, a great modern western horror/thriller.  The talented creators of this book are running a Kickstarter campaign and they need your support to reach their goal! Time is running out so please check out their very cool campaign and consider being a backer at:


By supporting them, not only will you be help complete a comic book but you will also be able to get great rewards such as:

  • Personally signed copies of the comic
  • An advance, personally signed copy of the trade paperback (all four issues of the comic in on bound book with bonus pages!)
  • A personal sketch from our cover artist Alex Sanchez!
  • Original artwork from the comic book (one-of-a-kind original pages from our penciller Allan Jefferson!)
  • Get yourself sketched into issue # 4 as a character – yes you as a character in the comic book!
  • Get your own page is the trade paperback – you can use this for anything you like but it will be your page in the published book!

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