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Brian Wood’s Latest a Positive Depiction of Women In Comics

Brian Wood is one of my favorite comic book writers and has a great track record in depicting realistic women.  That’s why it’s no surprise that his latest project with Ming Doyle is partially to do just that.  Mara is a new six-issue sci-fi/superhero miniseries coming from Image Comics.  But this is what stood out in his brief chat with Comics Alliance about the project:

I decided to create this during the post-DC52 reaction regarding women in comics, female characters in superhero stories and their depiction within, and all that discussion that followed. In addition to just feeling like I had a powerful, relevant story to tell, I wanted to prove, if only to myself, that a story like this can be told without reducing it to or otherwise relying on these sorts of base depictions of women. Like Channel Zero, Jennie One, Supermarket, Demo, Local, The New York Four, The New York Five, DV8, and a good deal of Northlanders, MARA features a complex, realistic, multi-faceted female lead.